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The Pantheon

Lawful Good

The Dawn Dragon

Non-Deity Entity

Alignment: Lawful Good

The Dawn Dragon is the Father/Mother of all dragons. It is said that during the Third Age when dragons ruled the world the Dawn Dragon became Ascended. Realizing his mistake, the Dawn Dragon preached peace and justice to the dragons and the dragonborn.

Now he is worshipped in temples across the world as a benevolent force for good, although dragons of all colors call upon him.


Domain crafting, building

Alignment: Lawful Good | Offering: dropping something shiny into the sea, river, lake, or shrine of Tamatoa.

Tamatoa is the god of crafting, building and civilization. If you are blessed by Tamatoa you will be unerringly led towards the crafting materials needed for your next project.

Tamatoa often leaves his Priests shiny objects in most unexpected places to show his favor.

If you cross Tamatoa and receive his wrath your equipment will break at the most inopportune time, or you be unable to find the right tool to finish your job, even if it is right in front of you.

An offering to Tamatoa would involve dropping something shiny into the sea, river, lake, or shrine of Tamatoa.

Neutral Good

Emburrion the Gilded, The Open Hand

Domain: Life, Light

Alignment: Neutral Good

Emburrion is the bounty of earth brought forth from the farmers hard toil. The crying babe from a mother’s womb. The smoky spirits from a cask well aged. Emburrion embodies the Life, Light, Joy of hard work and the satisfaction of a job done well.

Worshipped by many farmers and families across the land, shrines and temples to Emburrion are found in almost every farmstead, city and town. Small family shrines often hold carved talismans to Emburrion featuring the Open Palm or the Smiling Mother carved in wood, bone or stone.

Chaotic Good

Ajura, Light of Freedom, The Swift Wind

God of Freedom, Travel, Journeys, Hope

Alignment: Chaotic Good | Symbol: The Southern Star | Offering: Food or money for the needy

Description: A tall black human man or woman with short hair and ornate chainmail under silvery robes. Often appears with some type of canine.

Lawful Neutral

Az’Rahvan The Silver Flame, The Shining One

Domain:Goddess of Civilization and Law and Order

Alignment: Lawful Neutral | Symbol: a Paisley feather/teardrop | Offering: Music, guitar picks.

Description: Az’Rahvan appears as a woman made of silver wreathed in flame. She carries a golden lantern in one hand and a spear made from flowing quicksilver in her other.

Followers: She is the patron to people that help build and preserve the cities where she holds power. Engineers and Scholars both call her their goddess.

Offerings: small polished stones, silver coins

She is the mother of civilization and pushes the humanoids of the realm to further greatness in their cities and towns. She believes in laws and codifies them but does not have a distinction on what is lawful, instead allowing the individual peoples of the realms build their own laws when building civilization.


Cassandra, Mother to the Lost

Domain:Bards, Orphans, the Needy

Alignment: Unaligned | Symbol: a Paisley feather/teardrop | Offering: Music, guitar picks.

Description: A rotund human woman with long brown hair & grey eyes. She wears flowing clothes, usually in shades of pink and red, that swirl with bright bursts of colors. She believes in comforting the weak and lost.

Scriptures: Not a lot of strict verses, but many hymns about love, offering shelter in storms, helping those in need.

Followers: No major heirarchy structure. A lot of the priests and priestesses are overly familiar, in a way that makes non-followers uncomfortable. The followers tend to have large gatherings where everyone brings instruments and gather around fires and sing/play together.

Erenos Mother of the Orchard

Domain: Knowledge

Alignment: True Neutral | Symbol: Golden Apple

She tends the orchard where secrets grow. A quiet and mysterious god, not many in the world know of her existence. If you do stumble upon the secret of her existence, you can evoke her name, summoning her forth. But even so, sometimes the secrets she provides are dangerous to the ones who seek them.

Kavnyk, The Dark

Domain: Death And Autumn

Alignment: True Neutral | Symbol: OroBoros | Motto: “What is good without evil” or “What is evil without good?” | Offering: Ashes

Description: Tall lanky Elf with dark hair and bushy eyebrows. He wears a dark suit with a white shirt with the top couple buttons undone, no tie.

Scriptures: Many stodgey scriptures. Lots of rules and strict belief in balance,

Followers: Strict heirarchy with lots of tiers. The followers wear a lot of dark colors. They like to have long philosophical discussions & debates about intellectual pursuits. (social responsibilities, good vs evil, balance)


Domain: Trickery

Alignment: True Neutral | Symbol:

This god is the realms trickster god. Known to trick humanoids to punish, he can also trick humanoids to teach them a lesson. Several of his lessons has caused the fall of powerful men or raised a farm boy to a destiny unsought for.

Null, The Netherwhisper, The Song of the Depths, The Spiral

God of the Void

Alignment: True Neutral | Symbol: A wholly jet-black circle in a silver border. | Offering: Dried out eyeballs

Description: A shimmering purple wisp of heatless flame.

Scriptures: Snuff out the blinding light and let us gather in the dark.

Followers: Cultists, Nihilists, Edgy Youth. A loose network of religious circles reporting to a cabal council.

Chaotic Neutral

Il’Zain The Green Wanderer, The Grey Cloaked One

Domain: Life, Nature, Tempest

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

The Green Wanderer is known as the gentle breeze across the land or the hushed silence after the snow storm. In cities The Grey Cloaked One is the wheel of the cart on cobblestones and the flow of coin and whispers in both the tavern and halls of power.

The Green Wanderer is worshipped by those who believe in freedom and expression above laws or customs. Unable to ever stay in one place long, the Grey Cloaked One has many small shrines and way stones on the paths of the cities and highways of the land. He is the patron of many artists and craftsmen, of both money lenders and merchantmen, and travelling troubadours. The Grey Cloaked One appears in many forms, always seeming to blend into the background of any city or forest the god travels in.

Nyx, the Wasted

Domain: Pleasure, Hedonism

Alignment: Chaotic | Symbol: a beer mug, full and frothing | Motto: “A little party never killed nobody” | Offerings: Alcohol, drugs

Description: Beautiful Air Genasi, wears a lot of white flowing gowns. She has light blue skin and white hair, eyes look like the sunset - purples and pinks. She loves partying, often encouraging people to give up their obligations in order to party. She quickly becomes upset when the party is questioned or becomes disrupted.

Scriptures: No time for that. Party, have a good time, the more the merrier, don't harsh the buzz.

The Void

Domain: Death (Destruction, Decay, Entropy)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral | Symbol: None

The Void has no name. This entity is a formless void that consumes and destroys all that it touches. Even so, it often creates strange new forms in its wake. It could possibly be the god that created the creatures and humanoids that currently rule the land. Those who do run across The Void can easily go mad by the experience.

Lawful Evil

Mazrakul- The maker of Chains.

Non Deity Entity

This demon is said to be the reason that demons and devils make deals with the peoples of the realms. His pact made with the gods during the 2nd age was so powerful that all other demons were sworn to uphold it throughout the ages. Universally hated by other demons, his realm of fire and trees made of spikes and chains is nearly impossible to enter, making him both reviled and untouchable by other demon folk.

Neutral Evil

Amkurrahn The Black-Eyes, Serpent Of Destruction

Domain: Death, Trickery

Alignment: Neutral Evil

The Black-Eyes whispers sweet words of gluttony and trust to the landlord when he raises rents. Sings a song of rage to a slighted lover. Smiles with painted lips while staring daggers with his dark jeweled eyes.

Worshipped by hedonists and tyrants Amkurrahn’s name is spoken when only the best told lies are needed to achieve what the worshipper’s desires. In the end, Amkurrahn helps those who help themselves, and watches, coiled, as they slowly deceive themselves into their own destruction.

Zrenungari (Sren-en-GAR-ree)

Non Deity Entity

A powerful, mysterious demon. This demon is said to be made of smoke and black flame and speak through nightmares and whispers. His worshippers are few and spread throughout the world, working to obscure his name and hide his actions. It is said that he used to hold more power and was a major factor in the fall of the 5th age.

Chaotic Evil

Roshga and Zoshga, The Thunderblood Twins, The Bloodrain

Gods of War and Strength

Alignment: Chaotic Evil | Symbol: Twin overlapping throwing axes | Offering: The head of an enemy, a blood oath, melee weapons used successfully in combat

Description: Half-Orc Twins that ripped their way out of their mother womb. Killing her in the process. Barbaric, scarred, and tusked half-orcs in tattered armor with twin axes.

Followers: Barbarians, Despots, Warriors, Orcs

The Burning Lord

Non Deity Entity

This demon lord is said to be made of a flaming suit of armor. His pure hatred for all living things burns eternally in his heart. His legions of Burned Ones marches to war drums in the abyss as he continuously assaults the other demon lords and the walls of the Abyss itself to break free and run rampant across the realms.

It is said that a thousand years ago his favored Commander, Na’Az’Karumin was captured in battle and his essence stored in a black soul gem. If this was ever returned to The Burning Lord, it is surmised that in the 7th age he would have enough power to break free of the Abyss and swallow the world in chaos.

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