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The Calendar

The calendar for the world of Rizran is simple. The world has 360 days each 24 hours long. The calendar is divided into 12 months, each Month 30 days long. Three months comprise each season, and the first day of the Month is considered the first day of that season. Due to the magical nature of the world, there is very little variance in timing for the seasons, at least until recent years.


Khovrah, Ekeris, Quin’darlas. The first day of Khovrah is the first day of summer and is also the first day of the new year. The new years day is a major celebration day.


Merindaros, Fey’Em’Tabor, Rimrost. The first day of Merindaros is the first day of Autumn. There is usually a harvest celebration held in the last week of Merindaros or the first week of Fey’Em”Tabor.


Durhalm, Ghorkar, Quin’tallos. The first day of Durhalm is the first day of winter. There is usually a midwinter celebration in Ghorkar and an end of winter celebration in Quin’tallos.


Shadrun, Behimbayon, Leindain. The first day of Shadrun is the first day of Spring. There is typically a celebration on the last few weeks of Leindain, before the Summer starts

Dates, Weeks & Terminology

The Weeks are simply named in order-Primus, Secondus, Tirtius, Quintus and Pentus after the Fallen’s naming conventions.

The days are simply numbered in order, 1st thru the 6th of each week, with the 6th usually a feast day or holy day, depending on the land you happen to be in.

For formal naming of the date on documents the correct formula is the week, then day, then month, followed by year and then age.

If we were talking about a day in winter of the 5th age, the naming convention would look something like this: Secondus the 3rd , Durhalm, year 2019, 5th Age.

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