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The Abridged Story So Far

The Hawks Hallow Cycle

See Also: Scroll 1: The Hawks Hallow Cycle

These events take place during Khovrah, year 896, 7th age.

Karath of Goldhallow, a Dragonborn paladin of Justice, & Wandering Bard,Lordaelyn Penrose hire a riverboat for a faster travel to Hawks Hollow. On the boat they meet Warlock Atmat Duskflame and Druid Clover. After becoming fast friends, the pair decide to help Karath and Dally on his quest to discover the missing mage, Mortanion.

They meet Floki, a wizard, who is curious about Mortanion's tower. They discover no sign of the mage at the tower, but a group kobolds have moved into his tower, and with them a young white dragon. The group defeats the dragon, and learns that Mortanion had accidentally trapped himself in another dimension.

While in town, they discover the leader of the town has been trading goods to goblins in order to protect his hamlet. The companions remove the goblin threat and return the village's goods & gold. However, The goblins weren’t working alone. They were under the control of a Dragonborn army camping in the hills.

The Companions sneak into the camp and learn that the army is being led by a Cleric of the evil Dragon Tearshaard . Even worse, Karath learns that his broodbrother is a part of the army, which has spent the past several months unearthing an ancient Temple to the gods of Justice.

They are looking for the eggs of an Ancient Platinum dragon and have plans to perform a powerful ritual. The Companions stop the ritual before it's completed, killing the Priest Asherak, but not before evil energies are summoned from the nether realms, corrupting the eggs.

Having stopped the evil plans of the Dragonborn army, they retreat into the mountains, leaving The Companions with their prize. The Companions make their way back to the Oakenstaff for one final drink before setting off to the Capitol of Takesh.

The Burning Wind Saga

See Also: Scroll 2: The Burning Wind Saga

These events take place during Rimrost year 896 7th age

The king hires the Companions to escort a trade caravan he is sending to the neighboring Kingdom of Dar’Amkul. Valishdal had suffered from a year of plague and the gems he could get from a trade is much needed to buy food for the populace in the coming years.

Travel across the desert is dangerous, but after a month of travel The Companions arrive at the Gem City of Izeh. They are greeted by an ostentatious yet gracious host, Prelate Ossum, who shows them the clean, beautiful city with rich and happy citizens. Not all is as it seems though. Investigating some subtle hints, they uncover a large network of slaves who are attached to magical collars at night and chained to their beds. The magical collars make them look as if they are facing terrible nightmares and immediately puts to magical sleep anyone who wears the collars.

Outraged, Karath and Clover confront the Prelate who explains that in exchange for their slavery, they get full access to citizenship, and the chains of sleep are a necessity. The slave’s energy powers the protective barriers that surround the city, protecting it from the evil creatures that live in the nearby desert.

They meet a tiefling named Atonement who disagrees with the slave method and is slowly building a rebellion. With the parties help, Atonement calls together his small army of rebels to assault the Prelates Palace.

In the battle it is revealed that the Prelate is a blue dragon polymorphed into a human. When the battle starts in his throne room, he transforms, and the party must battle him and his house guards. He is brought down when Dally leaps upon his back, dragging him to the ground, and Karath chops his head off with his axe.

The celebration lasts for several days before peace and tranquility is restored to the Gem City of Izeh. Atonement, knowing that the protective barriers are disabled, he heads off into the burning desert form an alliance with the dragon that haunts the desert.

The story of their exploits in the Gem City quickly make it back to the Crown Prince Hafadi. The Gem City is no longer beholden to the Crown Prince and one of his Prelates was killed by members of Lysanders court. The Crown Prince declares war against the Kingdom of Valishdal and The Companions are labelled The Butchers of Izeh to the citizens of Mi’kal.

The Rook and The Worm Cycle

See Also: Scroll 3: The Rook and The Worm Cycle

These events take place during Shadrun year 896 7th age thru Ekeris year 897 7th age

The Companions decide to split up in Mi’kal. Karath and Lordaelyn take the caravan and charter a ship by sea to travel back to Valishdal. Dusky and Clover charter an air ship, known as “The Grand Kestrel” where they befriend a couple from Vizrand.

A wyldstorm forces “The Grand Kestrel” off course, where a Great Grey Worm reaches up and swallows “The Grand Kestrel”. The Companions awaken inside the inside of the Great Grey Worm. To their dismay they discover colonies of survivors. Some have been there for several years.

The group quickly bands together with a group of monster hunters to kill a group of Cultists that block the only exit. A cataclysmic battle takes place in the heart chamber of the Worm, killing the cultists and the Worm and freeing the survivors.

After freeing themselves, the Companions travel to Rook Rock. While staying there the party performs several heroic deeds for the community, as they no longer have any funds to arrange travel back to Valishdal. They hunt down Gurgenn Bugbiter, goblin scourge. They return a lost cat. They uncover what is happening to cows on a farm. The local populace begins hearing about the Dead Great Grey Worm and begin calling the party The Greyslayers.

When delivering a letter, the Greyslayers find something amiss. The family is missing, and their horses have been locked up for days. Following a farmer's ghost, they discover that the couple had been sacrificed by a crazy druid to the Gulthias tree, a cursed vampiric tree, slowly corrupting the forest and nearby land. The Greyslayers kill the druid and burn the tree, freeing the forest and the trapped spirits.

They stop at Carolyn Creek on the way back to Rook Rock and find the town filled with zombies. Witch hunter Sorrel explains that a wight started the zombie infestation after visiting a legendary tomb. After dispatching the wight, Sorrel invites them to to seal the tomb of Vuldun.

The Greyslayers make their way through the tomb, defeating many traps and puzzles. At the heart there is an undead beholder, the remains of Vuldun the Betrayer. The Greyslayers fight bravely and destroy Vuldun's undead form.

They encounter a small travelling circus where Dusky makes his way into a deal with two demon brothers. The deal proves to be unwise. They also acquire a small menagerie of pets.

Back in Rook Rock Dusky gains the favor of Lurien Schmalt, a local trader and member of The King’s Coin, who hires the party to escort his caravan of goods to Garingold. With this contract complete the Greyslayers would have enough gold to finally be able to buy passage back to Valishdal. Lurien is so pleased with Dusky he inducts him into The King’s Coin.

The Path of Arrows Saga

See Also: Scroll 4: The Path of Arrows Saga

These events take place from Ekeris thru Merindaros, year 897, 7th age

Included in the caravan is a young bard by the name of Cyranna who is a dear friend of Lurien. For most of the journey to Garingold the party is unmolested. Shortly after they leave the port city of Tearshy they do run across a small carriage that is under siege by some roving goblin wolf riders.The party rescues and befriends Siriun Osmund, the cousin of Lady Oringil, who is the Matriarch of House Oringil.

They stay at the inn with Cyranna, waiting for her next engagement. Dusky meets another demon by the name of Mr. Rasmussen. Rasmussen trades Dusky’s one ill fated favor for four favors. Mr. Rasmussen’s first favor is to have Dusky party with him at the Temple of the Lady Dressed in Scarlet and Flowers. After a two day bender, Dusky tries to piece his missing time together.

The party meets a Gnome by the name of Alston Nomlon, who is intrigued by their story and offers to accompany them to Terandeal. A handful of days into the route to Terandeal, they are assaulted by goblins led by a hobgoblin war leader. It quickly becomes apparent that a large hobgoblin horde has made it past the guards of House Tyrallon and is now sacking any caravans and travelers on the road to and from Terandeal.

The party takes to the woods in order to escape pursuit. They travel through forests, over hills, through a valley of ankylosaurs, past a decrepit fort and through a forest of mushrooms. Along the way the party is caught outside during a particularly intense wyldstorms, where they experience intense visions.

When the party finally arrives in Terandeal Dusky speaks to High Lord of the House and lodges a very lengthy list of complaints about the condition of the road. The Lord is taken aback as he had asked for assistance from House Torsk and was promised additional troops that had yet to arrive. The party then enjoys a peaceful rest at the hot springs before deciding on a new path.

The Hearthfire Saga

See Also: Scroll V - The Hearthfire Saga

These events take place during the last days of Fey’Em’Tabor, year 897, 7th age

Clover, Dusky, Glimmer, Alston, Thresh and Tenzijen meet in Hawk's Hallow, on the way to meet with Dally and Karath. There, the group meets Princess Aeliona, the king's betrothed. Her ship had suffered some setbacks and sat in dock near town. After spending a good portion of the evening together the Princess invites the party to the castle for the wedding in a week.

As they continue their travels to Takesh, they find the princess has been kidnapped by orcs and follow the tracks to the caves where she's being held and rescues her and one guard. The party decide to help escort the Princess back to Takesh, believing it to be unsafe. They discover a chest of gold with Baron Sochess crest and that Commander McCray is hunting the Princess and attempting to kill her before she arrives back to the capital.

As an aside, they met the Wight King while evading the commander

Upon arrival to Takesh they discover that the princess has been mistakenly declared dead, Dally and Karath are in jail, with orders to arrest Clover and Dusky on site, The king has been in hiding, Baron Sochess is amassing power, dismissing most of the kings guard.

The rest of the group is spotted and targeted as associates. The Group's ally Seneschal Aeryk sends them to meet with the Shatterlock Gang, a known criminal enterprise in the city, to help get to the bottom of the missing king. Leader Kruthuk Turiss provides a way into the palace, where the party discover that the kind had been poisoned and cursed. A quick exam by High Priest Lorellion and an hour long ritual later, the king is cured, but resting.

They quick interrogate everyone involved and find Spymaster Corliss, working with a mysterious entity known only as Shadis, plotted to overthrow the King. Though he had his own reasons, still treason. Corliss was put to death and the Companions and Baron Sochess were exonerated.

The Companions were given a feast and celebrated as The Heroes of Valishdal. Princess Aeliona wed the King and became Queen Aeliona.

The Obsidian Box

See Also: Scroll VI - The Obsidian Box

These events take place during the first days of Rimrost until Primus the 1st of Shadrun, year 897 7th age

While they group celebrated the wedding of the King and new Queen, Mr. Rasmussen approaches Dusky for the first of his two major favors owed charges Dusky with collecting an Obsidian box. Dusky, Clover, Alston, Glimmer, Tenzien and Thresh hire an airship, travelling for two weeks to arrive in Dar’Amkul.

The current owner of the box, Rakran Arctos, agrees to sell it to Dusky. As the finish their transaction, a shadowed man killed Rakran and stole the box. The Greyslayers easily recover the box, but also alert the city guard that the Butchers of Izeh have arrived. The man they capture had been hired by the Collector to retrieve the box. The Greyslayers learn that the Collector is planning on selling the box in an auction that would bring a bidding war.

Knowing they are over their heads, in a hostile city, they escape by boat to the closest port of call, Port Riston of Azhim, which happened to be the hometown of Dusky. Arriving in Riston, Dusky finds that the family thinks he had been killed by the the Grey Worm. They had performed a small funeral and his father had given his house to his brother Rictus. His father tells him he can win his house back if he finds out what the Priestess Sadiaa was doing.

They receive an invitation from the priestess to meet them in a warehouse. Unfortunately, Priestess Sadiaa is power hungry and attempts to ambush the Greyslayers, revealing that the shipping boxes are filled with demons instead of just lavender. After the retreat, the group asks for some intel help, but ends up assaulting the cult's villa estate. The priestess has been sacrificing slaves to get more demons to ship worldwide. In an epic battle of wizardry, the Greyslayers kill the Priestess and put an end to her plans.

Royal investigator, Bakram Assam is waiting to question them about their involvement in the murder in Dar'Amkul. He clears their name and takes back news of the Cult/Demon activity, shutting down the cult in Dar'Amkul

Since they are unable to complete the favor until full moons on Primus the 1st of Shadrun, the group decides to plan ahead. Alston sets up an exclusive bloodsport event, charging the elite of the city to watch them take down a demon. He also reaches out to several of his contacts for help, hiring a mercenary group with balistas and investing in silver goop to help with damage against the demon. Cassandra Sochess and her Red Boars arrive in Riston to assist.

On the night of the full Razrahim, the group has a hard fight, pulling some very clutch moves from their repertoire to defeat the demon. Dusky falls, but is healed just in time to land the striking blow to the demon, a mortal enemy of House Iniket, sworn to destroy them.

Mr. Rasmussen approaches the Greyslayers, taking the box from Dusky. He removes the bone and chain phylactery that held the Chain Demons soul, and put inside the box the small black jewel that he called the “The Black Heart of Na’Az’Karumin”. He then took the Chain Demons phylactery and fed it to the Obsidian box, forever killing the demon and adding its strength to the box. Afterwards, he handed the box back to Dusky and told him to take good care of it.

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