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Scroll III - The Rook and The Worm Cycle

Recorded by Scribe Delrus from two songs, a poem and an interpretive dance by Lordaelyn, Quintus 2nd , Qyin’tallos, year 943, 7th age

These events take place during Shadrun year 896 7th age thru Ekeris year 897 7th age

This scroll describes the slaying of the Great Grey Worm and the aftermath in the Empire of Il’shandre.

The Companions decide to split up in Mi’kal as words of their deeds begin to make it back to the capital. Karath and Lordaelyn take the caravan and charter a ship by sea to travel back to Valishdal. Dusky and Clover charter an air ship, known as “The Grand Kestrel” in a more round about manner to return to Valishdal to throw off any pursuit from the Kingdom of Dar’Amkul.

When “The Grand Kestrel” lands in the capital city of Vizrand it picks up two new passengers. These passengers take a liking to Clover and Dusky and quickly become friends and soon are known as The Companions along with the rest of the party. Their fate is sealed when a wyldstorms comes racing across the sky, forcing “The Grand Kestrel” off course. That’s when it is believed a Great Grey Worm reached up and swallowed “The Grand Kestrel”.

The Companions awaken inside the inside of the Great Grey Worm. To their dismay they discover that small encampments of people live inside the Worm. Some have been there for several years, like Fargrim, a crazy dwarf who has been affected by the toxic fumes called air inside the worm.

They also meet two new adventurers that quickly tie their fates to that of The Companions. Tenzijen, a Dwarf guildsman who for years had hammered at the forge had been trapped within the depths of the Worm for years. During this isolation Tenzijen began to reconnect with the natural world and rediscover the spirits of nature and takes on the role of Ranger. Their companion in the Worm is Thresh, a half-orc warrior that bonded well with Tenzijen in the nightmare of the Worm.

The Companions quickly band together with another group inside the worm to escape. This group is led by Jurran The Hunter, a halfling that wants to kill a group of Cultists of the Worm that stand between them and the way out of the Worm. A cataclysmic battle takes place in the heart chamber of the Worm, killing the cultists and the Worm and allowing the trapped people to escape to sunlight for the first time in ages.

They say goodbye to their new companions as they go their separate ways, but fate it seems would one day reunite them. After freeing themselves from the Worm the Companions travel to Rook Rock. While staying there the party performs several heroic deeds for the community, as they no longer have any funds to arrange travel back to Valishdal.

In order to secure gold, The Companions take on a small contract to hunt down the leader of a goblin tribe that has been tormenting the people of Rook Rock. They hunt down Gurgenn Bugbiter and take his head and the few remaining goblins flee into the woods freeing the citizens of Rook Rock from the violence that had been visited upon them.

By this time the local populace begins hearing about the Dead Great Grey Worm and find out that The Companions are responsible for the death of the Worm. The people begin calling the party The Greyslayers, in reference to an ancient legend of a man who killed a Worm from the Wastes.

The newly dubbed Greyslayers take on another contract from Jeb Masterson, a local city guard who needed a letter delivered to his sister in near by Meade Meadow. The Greyslayers travel to Meade Meadow, only to discover that the Masterson’s had bought a plot of land farther into the mountains.

When the Greyslayers arrive at the Masterson’s farm they find that there is something amiss. The horses had been locked in the stables for way too long and both the Mastersons were nowhere to be found.

That evening spooky events began to play out and the ghost of a female farmer was seen at the edge of the farm. Following the ghost, they soon discover that the Mastersons had been killed and sacrificed by a crazy druid to a Gilthias tree. The Gilthias tree was a cursed vampiric tree, slowly turning the forest and nearby land into an evil cursed forest. The Greyslayers killed the druid and burned the tree, freeing the forest and the trapped spirits of the Mastersons from the curse.

Before the Greyslayers return to Rook Rock they stop off at Carolyn Creek as they had heard that some dark force was at work. When they arrive, they find it is worse than they expected as the town is filled with zombies!

The Greyslayers meet Witch hunter Sorrel and discover that an adventurer had returned from the lost tomb of Vuldun. Shortly after he made it back to the village of Carolyn Creek he died and was buried in the town cemetery. 3 days after his death he arose from his grave as a Wight, killing several of the townspeople and turning them into zombies.

The Greyslayers fought the Wight in a pitched battle, burning down the mansion he was hiding in and freeing the town from the zombie menace. They realized that their work is not done yet as the lost tomb is now open, and evil will leak from the tomb into the surrounding area. The Greyslayers march off into the hills, following the journal of the dead adventurer and rediscover the hidden entrance to the tomb of Vuldun.

The Greyslayers make their way through the tomb, defeating many traps and puzzles, to make it to the heart of the tomb. At the heart there is an undead beholder, the remains of Wooldun the Betrayer. The Greyslayers fight bravely against an undead enemy that keeps getting back up, eventually realizing its power is gained from an evil necromantic book and destroying the book they slay Vuldun for good.

Saying goodbye to Witch hunter Sorrel, The Greyslayers travel back to Rook Rock. On the journey they encounter a small travelling circus. After a few good rounds of Gnome tossing, Dusky makes his way into the larger tent and into a deal with two demon brothers. The deal proves to be unwise.

Back in Rook Rock the party fails to make a deal with Marissa, a gems trader. Thankfully Dusky gains the favor of Lurien Schmalt, a local trader and member of The King’s Coin. Lurien hires the party to escort his caravan of goods to Garingold. With this contract complete the Greyslayers would have enough gold to finally be able to buy passage back to Valishdal. Lurien is so pleased with Dusky he inducts him into The King’s Coin.

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