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Scroll IV - The Path of Arrows Saga

Recorded by Scribe Thomas of Lyrinn from direct account of Cyranna Oringil, Secundus 5th , Merindaros, year 945 7th age

These events take place from Ekeris thru Merindaros, year 897, 7th age

This scroll details the events after The Greyslayers were hired by Lurien Schmalt in Rook Rock to escort a caravan to the city of Garingold.

Included in the caravan is a young bard by the name of Cyranna who is a dear friend of Lurien. She will accompany the caravan and gain the protections of The Greyslayers as they travel to Garingold. For most of the journey to Garingold the party is unmolested. They make their way across the exterior of the country and primarily don’t encounter very many travelers on the way to Garingold. Shortly after they leave the port city of Tearshy they do run across a small carriage that is under siege by some roving goblin wolf riders.

The Greyslayers help the guards of the caravan to reveal that the passenger is Siriun Osmund, the cousin of Lady Oringil, who is the Matriarch of House Oringil. They accompany Siriun the rest of the way to Garingold and share stories of there travels which quickly enamors Siriun to the party.

When the party arrives at Garingold they spend a week at an Inn called The Lavender Way. While staying in this ostentatious inn Dusky meets another demon by the name of Mr. Rasmussen. Rasmussen trades Dusky’s one ill fated favor for four favors but gets Dusky off the hook for killing a child. Mr. Rasmussen’s first favor is to have Dusky party with him at the Temple of the Lady Dressed in Scarlet and Flowers.

The next day a completely naked Dusky must find his way through a mile of city streets and back to the temple to collect his clothes, items and dignity. Several priests and priestesses are caught blushing as they remember the night, they had with him.

The party also meets a Gnome by the name of Alston Nomlon, who works for the Gold Spire bank. Alston is staying at the Lavender Way and has business for the bank in Terandeal. After spending a night or two around the party he is intrigued by there story and curious to see them in action and therefore offers to accompany them to Terandeal.

At the end of the week The Greyslayers begin travelling the north road to Terandeal. After only a handful of days on the road they are assaulted by goblins led by a hobgoblin war leader. It quickly becomes apparent that a large hobgoblin horde has made it past the guards of House Tyrallon and is now sacking any caravans and travelers on the road to and from Terandeal.

The party takes to the woods in order to escape pursuit. They travel through forests, over hills, through a valley of ankylosaurs, past a decrepit fort and through a forest of mushrooms. Along the way the party is caught outside during a particularly intense wyldstorms.

While caught in the wyldstorms the party witnesses strange visions. Dusky sees his Grandmother Eneket, a powerful demon known to the world as The Abyssal Hound, trapped in a plain full of onyx chains as she struggles to escape. Clover sees bits of her past, that she resembles a woman in the fey realms named Cyndre. Clover learns that the person she resembles belongs to the House of Fallen Leaves, although what that means or what that entails, she does not know. Clover learns that another fey by the name of Cobalt sold her into House Moringil. Clover also witnesses the rise and fall of House Moringil.

When the party finally arrives in Terandeal Dusky speaks to High Lord of the House and lodges a very lengthy list of complaints about the condition of the road. The Lord is taken aback as he had asked for assistance from House Torsk and was promised additional troops that had yet to arrive. The party then enjoys a peaceful rest at the hot springs before deciding on a new path.

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