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Scroll II - The Burning Wind Saga

Recorded by Scribe Delrus from a song by Lordaelyn, Primus 3rd, Ghorkar, year 943, 7th age

These events take place during Rimrost year 896 7th age

This scroll details the events following The Companions arrival in Mi’kal in the Kingdom of Dar’Amkul.

The Companions have shown their worth to King Lysander III of Valishdal. In return the king hires them to escort a trade caravan that he is sending to the neighboring Kingdom of Dar’Amkul. This large caravan is destined to the fabled Gem City of Izeh and is loaded with precious cargo that the King hopes will trade well in the far-off Kingdom. His own Kingdom had suffered from a year of plague and the gems he could get from his trade is much needed to buy food for the populace in the coming years.

The Companions were held up by Crown Prince Hafadi as they were trying to seek approval of passage. After two weeks of being held up they are finally approved of travel and quickly set out across the desert. The travel is dangerous and long, costing the lives of several of the caravanners. The Companions face off against lizardmen, Giant scorpions and desert winds that blow burning sand.

Finally, after a month of travel The Companions arrive at the Gem City of Izeh. They are greeted by Prelate Ossum, an ostentatious yet gracious host, who invites them into his private sanctum. Dinner is held in their honor and they are given a tour of the beautiful desert city. The streets are clean, all the citizens wear fine clothing and the shops are prosperous as the citizens get a portion of the gold brought in from the Gem trade. The University is large and full of wonder as The Companions explore.

Not all is as it seems though. The Companions begin to get subtle hints that there is something off about the city. After doing some late-night reconnaissance they quickly discover what is so strange about the city. It is a city that uses slave labor to accomplish almost all the work. Furthermore, the slaves are attached to magical collars at night and chained to their beds. The magical collars make them look as if they are facing terrible nightmares and immediately puts to magical sleep anyone who wears the collars.

Outraged, Karath confronts the Prelate about this discovery. Unperturbed, the Prelate explains that every slave had a choice. Become a slave for the Gem City, and in exchange, after their years of servitude they will automatically become a citizen of the city. If they wish to be a shop owner, a shop will be built for them. If they wish to go to the University, they will get free tuition. Furthermore, the Prelate tells them, the chains of sleep are a necessity. It channels the slave’s energy into the protective barriers that surround the city, protecting it from the evil creatures that live in the nearby desert.

The Companions soon discover that they are not the only ones who feel that this system is broken. They meet a tiefling by the name of Atonement who is slowly building a rebellion. With the parties help, Atonement calls together his small army of rebels to assault the Prelates Palace.

In the battle it is revealed that the Prelate is a blue dragon polymorphed into a human. When the battle starts in his throne room, he transforms, and the party must battle him and his house guards. He is brought down when Dally leaps upon his back, dragging him to the ground, and Karath chops it head off with his axe.

The celebration lasts for several days before peace and tranquility is restored to the Gem City of Izeh. Atonement uses his powerful magical abilities to transport The Companions back to the city of Mi’kal with the survivors of the trade caravan and several chests of gems for the Kingdom of Valishdal. Then, knowing that the wards that had protected the city are now broken, heads off into the burning desert sands to make peace with a dragon that haunts the desert.

Although the Companions can find passage back to Valishdal, the story of their exploits in the Gem City quickly make it back to the Crown Prince Hafadi. The Gem City is no longer beholden to the Crown Prince and one of his Prelates was killed by members of Lysanders court. The Crown Prince declares war against the Kingdom of Valishdal and The Companions are known as The Butchers of Izeh to the citizens of Mi’kal.

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