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The Ages of Rizran

The First Age: The Chaos Age

Not much is known about the First age. It is spoken about as a universe of pure chaos. It was ruled over by the Primordials, ancient unspeakable creatures that had powers beyond comprehension.

The Scholars speak of a time where the universe itself was fragmented and broken, as if a million bubbles of reality floated in the void of space, rubbing against each other but still separate.

During this time the first humanoids were created. It is not clear which of the Primordials created the humanoids, but it is evident that the humanoids were mere playthings to the titanic Primordials.

The end of the age arrived when the first Gods were created. Scholars still debate the exact nature of the gods. Some schools of thought say the gods were made by the Primordials to watch over their kingdoms. Other scholars say that the humanoids after years of torment from their creators, put their faith and will together to create the gods. Still other claim that the gods were Primordials.

Regardless of how they were created, the result was a war of the gods, with the gods killing some of the weaker Primordials, and casting the more powerful Primordials into the Abyss.

The Second Age: The Age of the Gods

After the Godswar there was a time of lasting peace. During this time the gods banded together and created the material plane, the Heavens, the Hells and all the other planes that exist in the Universe. They raised up the humanoids and made them masters of the land. They also created The Archon, an angel of great power and leader of all the armies of the Heavens. The Archon was to lead the host against the creations of the Abyss in an endless war to hold back the destruction of the material plane.

This lasting peace stretched a millennium or more and is known as a golden age of creation. Even so it was not destined to last.

The Archon, year after year, century after century, witnessed the cataclysmic battles in the heavens against the Abyss. It was a constant conflict and the Archons heart began to ache as angel after angel’s light was snuffed out from the constant war. The Archon could not stand that his angels were being destroyed while the gods and other angels rested in the material plane. The Archon devised a plan of action to make the heavens listen.

It is during this time that the first Tieflings were created. The Archon and other angels of the wars in Hell began to seduce humanoids with their power. After generations of Tieflings were created they began to take over the material realms. With their slaves they began spreading a cult of worship to the Archon. After a hundred years the Tiefling Empire had spread to every corner of the world and millions were inducted into the cult.

The power of worship and belief from the masses was enough to raise the Archon from angel to a god. With his new power he led his host of angels that believed in his cause to a war against the heavens. The battles were devastating, and fire rained from the sky, devastating the lands and leaving the realm covered in ash.

From these ashes rose a hero for the realm. A humanoid of immeasurable will that wanted to stop the violence and destruction that the heavens were bringing to the people. This hero came with a powerful weapon, forged in the fires of creation, to destroy the gods. With this weapon, The Godslayer began his own war against the heavens and indiscriminately began killing the gods of Heaven. The age ends with the death of the Archon by the Godslayer and the gates of Heaven closing as most, if not all the gods were slain. Without the power of the gods breathing life into creation the Long Winter came across the land.

The Third Age: The Wyld Magic Age

When the Long Winter came the people of the realm was already reeling from the war in heaven followed by the war of the Godslayer. The people were not prepared for the freezing winds and blowing snow that covered the entire realm. The people began starving. In a few years the land was nothing but a frozen waste and a good portion of the survivors of the wars were now dead or dying.

It was during this Long Winter that the first Rift of magic was created. No one knows why or how this Rift was born into the realms, but with it came the Dragons. These creatures were terrifying to the surviving races in the Long Winter and yet, with their terror, they brought hope. They breathed life back into the frozen wastes with their powerful magics and created new life with Dragonborn. The Dragonborn quickly enslaved the surviving races and many of the Dragons became tyrant kings over the frozen wastes.

As the years of the Dragons wore on the magic that flowed in from the rifts began to melt the frozen lands and the realms became livable once more. As the realms warmed up the Dragons, Dragonborn and slaves they controlled spread about the land, rebuilding what once was lost.

After a few hundred years the flaw in the Dragons conquest became learned. The Dragonborn did not breed as fast as the other races. Although they were many when they conquered the other races after the realms were inhabited, they quickly outnumbered the Dragonborn. The races began realizing this and fighting back against their masters. When the Rifts that allowed magic to flow into the world inexplicably closed it signaled the end of the Dragons reigns and the end of the age.

The Fourth Age: The Age of Science

As magic began fading from the world the Dragons that once ruled it faded away. Some hid away from the realm while others were hunted down and destroyed. The Wyld magic that had ruled a realm for an age faded and the people began to turn to science for the first time since creation was made.

Although it came it stutters and steps, technology and the sciences expanded rapidly. The scholars speak of a time where everyone had wands of technology that could bark fire and throw metal and crazy speeds at their enemies and that the peoples of the realm reached for the stars. Some scholars speculate that there are still elves, dwarves and men that are in the void between the stars.

This age came to its end when science rediscover magic and a new age of wonder was created.

The Fifth Age: The Fallen Age

The Fifth age is now known as the Fallen Age, but during its heyday it was known as the Age of Wonder. Science rediscovered how to open a rift into the realms of the Wyld magic. With the blending of Wyld magic and the control of science, the people of the realm were catapulted into a new age of wonders never before seen and never seen again. The Dragons that had survived the Fourth age in hiding returned as the power of the Wyld magic began to pervade the realms once more.

It is said that the World Engine was created during this age. The World Engine was a wonder unlike anything else, designed to control the power of the Wyld magic and woven into the fabric of reality itself. The runes of the Fallen Age still dot the land and creations from that age are still being discovered and puzzled over by The Engineers of Voldun.

This age ended a cataclysm of unprecedented proportions.

The Sixth Age: The Rifts Age

The Sixth age began and ended with the Rifts. Although science had controlled the flow of Wyld magic into the realms a cataclysm happens when massive rifts were created, simultaneously, across the realms. This explosion of magic rent both time and space.

There is no clear time line of the Sixth Age. The power of the Rifts opened holes into the Abyss and the Heavens. Gods and Demons, unseen since the Second Age, suddenly made their presence known. Time itself bent, in some places speeding up, while in other places slowing down.

It is said that this age ended with a great battle as the The Three Who Slumber brought a great magical talisman against the growing powers of the Rifts, sealing most of them but becoming corrupted in the end.

The Seventh Age: The Ending

It is believed by many scholars that the Seventh age will be the last age of the realms. The World Engine is slowly winding down and grinding to a halt. As it does, says the Engineers of Voldun, the realm itself will also slowly grind down.

Even now wyldlands are beginning to grow in places that they were never seen before, causing chaos and Wyld storms that are raging across the land.

Beasts and undead are beginning to populate the land. If the wizards and priests had not created the Soul Torches, it is thought that the realms would already be overrun. The Great Grey Wastes, a remnant of the Sixth Age, is beginning to vomit strange aberrations into the realms of man. It is within this time of greatest need that heroes are made.

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