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The Long Rest

Aftermath of the Siege of Takesh and the ensuing years.

Master Inar Airegnz

After the war and when things begin to settle down Inar, during talks with the Greyslayers, reveals what he believes happened to him. Sometime after the Greyslayers left the castle to assault Fort Bayden, Master Inar received a small gift, wrapped in expensive Azhim silks, with a letter ostensibly from Dusky. It stated that inside was a trinket of his affection, black sands from the beaches of Riston. It was to be worn next to Inar’s heart. Inar remembers putting it on, but then his memory becomes spotty at best on his actions afterwards. He doesn’t remember very clearly the events that took place in the Chamber of the Chaos Wheel, only that they escaped with it and it was a close call. He carries a scar on his chest from the sword wound that he doesn’t remember receiving.

The Blue Hawks

During drinks with the commander of the Blue Hawks, the commander laments that he was unable to complete his mission but said that the money was already spent so no refunds for the Greyslayers. When Thresh pressed him, the commander said. “You know, Operation McCray.” With a chill down his spine and a dangerous look in his eye, Thresh made the commander tell him about Operation McCray.

During there travels to the city of Takesh, Alston flew in on a wyvern with a map of the city, instructions, and jewels worth 10,000 gold. He instructed the Blue Hawks on the location of the city’s magical defenses. The Blue Hawks, on the evening of their arrival, was to assault and capture one of the magical defenses, turning it off. They were then to capture and secure the northern river gate and open it when 2000 Black Scales sailed down the river at night. He was supposed to send his Sergeant to report on the Operation. Alston said it was very important that the Greyslayers knew when Operation McCray was successful.

The Black Scales

Retreated during the demon assault. They made a forced march to the Fu Kyion Mountains. The armies of Valishdal were too busy with reconstruction to give chase. It is believed that they made their way to boats in the Innersea and that they are currently fighting on another continent.


The King of Aveyrness and his Son the heir was last seen riding South West in aid of Valishdal. His heavy horse and the 3000 men he commanded were never found. There is a small village near the edge of the northern blackwood that swears they heard fighting in the night near the village, but no bodies of horse or men were ever found.

Queen Aileona holds the strongest claim to the throne of Aveyrness. There is strong relations and many countrymen that believe the two kingdoms were already one, so when the Queen proposed that they become a united Valishdal the leaders of the country agree. 4 years after the war the country of Aveyrness is no more and is now a united Valishdal.


Although it has been five years, the country is rebuilding. Due to the just and wise rule of the Queen, there has been several successful trade agreements with her neighboring countries, and Valishdal is finally beginning to see prosperity after so many hard years.

The Queen personally tours the War Orphanage and makes sure that they are fed and kept with good clothing and good education. Her Daughter, Elaina, is growing up fast and strong. After four years, the Queen remarried a Prince from Zershain called Declan, although all in the halls of the castle know that she rules, and he is just a pretty figurehead. He is content with the arrangement.

Valishdal has honored its treaty with Belrum, and the Kingdom has opened an Embassy in Takesh, ostensibly to protect The Gift. A statue was built commemorating the Greyslayers and there help in the war.

A statue was also built in front of the Dawn Temple, commemorating the slain Silver Talons. They were Willesh of Cronvale, riding Princess, Innocuous riding Vicious, and Highwillow Groundbloom riding Big Lady, who survived the war to bear a clutch of brave new Gryphons.


Akars leadership was left in turmoil after the Greyslayers left. The landscape changed drastically, with civil war being threatened on more than one occasion. The Senate was officially dissolved two years ago, with a council of lords ruling the country, until after a night of assassination attempts Lord Erkain rallied the military and declared that bloodshed would stop. A year ago, he was declared Emperor. Although there are still some lords declaring themselves the true leadership of Akar and continuing to fight against the Emperor, the populace has embraced him as a man with a vision for the future.

The Yazghou have all but been eliminated from the city and the Shatterlock have been stunted in their growth. It seems the new leadership doesn’t take too kindly to outlaws.


The Crown Prince survived an assassination attempt and during his retaliation in what would later be called The Night of Fire, swept a large portion of the priesthood into jail or out of the city.

Unfortunately for the Prince, the populace did not take too kindly to this. After several protests and riots the Crown Prince freed the locked-up Priests. Fast forward several months and a civil war broke out, sparked during a protest against the priesthood that ended in four dead and many more wounded.

It has now been five years and the country are still locked in a deadly civil war. Although the fighting has been at a standstill for the past six months, the peace talks are going poorly, and the war could heat up at any moment. The Crown Prince has become the King of Dar’Amkul with the passing of his father last year.

The King has officially extended an apology to Valishdal, but with the current political climate has been unable to officially meet or sign a peace treaty with Valishdal, although Valishdal is not worried as Dar’Amkul is too busy with their own internal strife to look outside its own borders.


The Emperor of Il’shandre, Il’shandre the Fourth, was assassinated and died two days before the end of the war in Valishdal. His death caused both grief and chaos in the country, as House Torsk used the opportunity for a land grab, snatching up large swaths of House Oringil and House Tyrallon land. This then caused a small civil war as the Houses rallied to return the favor. It was settled when the new Emperor, Il’shandre the Fifth, was finally able to take the throne three years after his fathers’ death. It took so long due to a lengthy court battle, as the Emperor had declared his second son the heir, but documents were found showing that he had changed his mind and declared his first daughter to be the true heir. The daughter is now currently staying with House Jayden and has been their guest for two years.

Belrum, Gallanoer, Eastbank and Adimore

All these countries had received shipments laden with exploding demons. Two days before the end of the war they were released into the cities and caused mass panic and a few deaths. The damage done was not very significant, and five years later it is remembered as a strange tragedy by the populace.


There is whispers that something stirs in the jungles north of Riston. The lizard folk speak of a white beast that roams the water ways.

In Riston, the Atmat Family has risen in power. They are now considered the second most powerful family in Riston and have been invited to the Lordsmeet in Hazzan every year. Atmat Duskflame is said to be the new power behind the throne, with his father mostly cast aside.

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