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Scroll III - Lavendar Dreams

Recorded by Scribe Merryweather in Rimrost year 977, 7th age. These events are taken from journals and city constabulary records and believe to be historically accurate, although the dates cannot be confirmed. It is believed to have taken place during the spring of year 897, 7th age.

The scroll details the events that transpired when the Oathsworn take a job for Captain Eremon of the city watch of Guyivein, the then capital city of Averyness. At this time, it is uncertain if the Oathsworn had spent the last several years in the city or if they had travelled and then returned to the city. Regardless the Oathsworn again were looking for coin and while asking around heard about a discreet job that needed to be done.

Captain Eremon wanted to hire the Oathsworn to investigate a problem that he was forbidden by his superiors to investigate. Recently a new drug had hit the streets of the city, known as Lavender Dream. Captain Eremon believed that the drug was being made or shipped in by the docks, but his investigation had stalled, and his superiors wanted him to investigate other crimes. He needed the Oathsworn to discover who was behind the drugs and bring him definitive proof so that he could arrest them and bring the culprits to justice.

After talking to Captain Eremon the Oathsworn decided to contact the local Shatterlock, a crime organization that might know where the drugs were coming from. After speaking to a man named Slither, they were given two warehouse locations and a complex of flats near the center of town that the Yazghou, another crime organization, controlled. The Shatterlock believed that the Lavender Dream was being imported by the Yazghou.

The Oathsworn decided to investigate the warehouse dockside first. Nikoneus used his magic to become invisible and sneak inside the warehouse. He made his way to a room near the top floor of the warehouse where a man was working on the Yazghou’s shipping manifest and receipts books. Nikoneus successfully cast a sleep spell on the man and snuck into the room, pilfering the books, when he knocked over a stack books and alerted a guard nearby. The guards arrived and when Nikoneus made a break for it they discovered him, and a fight ensued.

Thokk and Suweshan rushed inside to aid their friend and that is when they discovered a sinister secret inside the warehouse. A woman witch arrived and immediately began calling out in abyssal. Demons, hidden inside the crates, broke free and starting hunting down the Oathsworn. These Demons were long, spindly creatures, whose heads were split open like a bowl and green gas boiled out the top of there heads. The Oathsworn defeated the demons, then escaped the warehouse as the witch called for backup and many Yazghou arrived.

The Oathsworn retreated to an inn, where they felt themselves safe. Going to rest they were awoken in the middle of the night. The inn was on fire! The whole ground floor was engulfed in flame and smoke. The Oathsworn attempted to flee out of the window when they were shot at by arrows and the witch, who had tracked them, began to attack them with magic missiles. The Oathsworn fought back, taking down the witch and the Yazghou as Thokk broke down the door to the inn, rescuing the inhabitants inside.

The party then retreated to another inn to catch some much-needed rest. The next day, they started to hunt the Yazghou down fervently.

Over the next two days they discovered that the Yazghou were receiving crates from Azhim filled with demons and lavender. They were then removing the demons from the crates and delivering the lavender to a gnome apothecary in town. The apothecary was distilling the lavender with the demonic essence into a powder, that when smoked produced the most vivid and realistic dreams to the user. With this information. The Oathsworn broke into the gnome’s house, encountering a magical rug that nearly killed them, and ventured into the gnome’s underground lair and research facility. They fought there way past Gelatinous cubes and a ravenous mimic that looked like silverware and finally confronted the gnome in his lab.

During the fight the gnome’s lab equipment was knocked over, starting a fire and filling the lab with lavender dream smoke. This almost led to all the party falling asleep during the fight. Suweshan, being an elf, could not be magically put to sleep though and continued to fight on killing the gnome and getting his research books out of the burning lab.

With the gnome’s notes secured and the shipment manifests found earlier the Oathsworn had all the evidence needed for Captain Eremon, who swiftly arrested several members of the Yazghou and brought them to justice. With a hefty sack of coin, the Oathsworn moved on from the city.

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