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Scroll XII - Into The Grey Wastes

Recorded by Scribe Delrus and completed on Tertius the 3rd, Fey’Em”Tabor, year 937, 7th age.

This Scroll details the adventures of the Greyslayers as they made their way into the Grey Wastes. Although completed on the above date, Scribe Delrus kept this scroll hidden and it was not discovered until his death and officially entered the archives on Primus 1st, Ekeris, year 1012, 7th age.

It is unknown why the Scribe kept this scroll hidden, although there are rumors that he felt the knowledge contained within was too dangerous for the Order. There have also been rumors that a member or members of the Greyslayers begged him not to reveal this scroll to the Order. Finally, there are rumors that he did not want to spark animosity amongst any of the powers that held sway at the time and so kept it hidden until a future date when it could be more commonly shown to the world. Whatever his reasons, they were not transcribed as so it shall have to remain just that, a rumor.

Regardless of his intent, Scribe Delrus did leave copious notes on where he retrieved this information. Mostly from the journal and personal accounts of Atmat Duskflame, who detailed the fabulous city of Set and the strange and wondrous creatures they discovered while on their adventure.

With this completed Scroll entered into the archives it finally fills in a long sought after gap within the Chaos Wheel Cycle, as we can finally see why the Tempest was brought to life in the Grey Wastes.

These events take place from Primus 1st of Ekeris until Pentus 4th, Quin’darlas year 903, 7th age.

The Greyslayers had been separated for many years, meeting occasionally, but otherwise no longer adventuring out like they had done before during the Azure Crown cycle. It was on a beautiful summer morning of the new year that they had gathered together in the small home of Clover when a stranger came knocking on their door.

This stranger was none other than the wizard Mortanion, a figure they once searched for to no avail. It was discovered that Mortanion had been hunted by enemies and had attempted to hide himself, but his spell had gone wrong and instead trapped him for years beyond the reach of the Greyslayers and his enemies alike.

He revealed to the Greyslayers a strange metal skull that had been discovered as a 5th age artifact. Mortanion said that the skull was for the Greyslayers, destined to be in their hands. He also spoke out against the Engineers of Voldun, saying that they had been infiltrated by the shadow of the demon Zrenungarii. He feared for his life and feared that by coming to the Greyslayers the enemies that hunted him would soon be at their doorstep. He left quickly after, entrusting the skull into their capable hands.

The Greyslayers, by blood, linked themselves to the skull, who claimed himself to be Grazrueniir, an ancient oracle, now bound inside the skull. He wished to restore himself, but claimed that his memories were damaged. He begged the Greyslayers to travel into the Grey Wastes and help him reclaim his memories. In order to do so they would have to travel to the fabled city of Set, lost to time in the Wastes.

The Greyslayers agreed and quickly put together an expedition into the Wastes. On their way they discovered some of the strangest creations known to humanoid kind. A forest made of crystals and living lightning, a man trapped in time, a river of green grass that hastened their speed as they walked. All this strangeness would be nothing to what they would see when they finally arrived at the city of Set.

It was rumored to be behind the Howling Pillars, but the party soon discovered that it was the howling pillars, just slipped from the universe by the breaking during the Fall, wrapped in a bubble of the Wyld with a massive storm formed above it. The Greyslayers entered the city and stepped back in time, to a land shortly after the fall. It was overrun by Gnolls, gone mad from their proximity to the Waste, and ruled over a strange creature known as the Flaming Eye.

They encountered a garden of living stone and metal statues that spoke to them in the old Draconic tongue. They watched as the ghosts of the past relived ancient memories of a time long gone, and heard the name Voldun mentioned as a living person.

While in the city of Set they discovered the ancient ruins of lost 5th age technology and ably aligned the reality of the warped city back to that of the lands of Ekandor. They faced off against the Flaming Eye, using trickery and guile to get close to the beast, then power and force to destroy the tyrant.

Later, while searching the ruins for the second tower to align the Wyld, they discovered the sister to the Flaming Eye, a creature of shadow and darkness, and faced off against that creature as well, destroying it.

Once the two towers were aligned, the city of Set was brought wholly into the world of Ekandor and with it the Wyld Storm that had swirled above it began to rain down chaos into the city. Fearing that they had only so much time to lose, they quickly used a 5th age vehicle to arrive at the entrance to the secret underground bunker that housed the skulls memories.

The Greyslayers made their way inside and had to restore power to the facility before the skull could be restored completely. In order to do that they discovered a chamber, filled with water, that housed more of the Grey Worms of the Waste, still in young adolescence, but dangerous nonetheless. They learned that these worms were being built as a way to eat up the chaos of the wyld, but the wyld had grown too strong for them to complete the job on their own.

After defeating these worms and discovering a way to give everlasting life to one of the Greyslayers, they restored the skulls memories and were offered a choice: Use the machine to fix the damage of the wyld storms, or use the machine to rule the universe. The Greyslayers decided to save all the universe instead, and were ushered out of the city of Set on the back of an Angel with wings made of fire.

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