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Scroll VII - The Dark Temple

Recorded by Scribe Arrowroot from a conversation with the Druids of the Tearseach on 5th of Tertius, Khovrah, year 973, 7th age.

The events described in this scroll take place from Primus the 1st of Shadrun to the 5th of Secundus, Shadrun, year 897, 7th age.

The Greyslayers, after defeating the demon threat in Riston, spent some time to themselves in Dusky’s manor before pursuing a lead about Clover's past.

Clover had discovered that a man by the name of Jacoby had been hired by and unnamed elf to capture Clover and bring her back to a manor nearby the city of Tearshy in Il’Shandre.

The party paid for a teleportation circle and traveled to the city of Tearshy. While there they went to a tavern and performed for a packed house of adventurers to convince them to travel to Takesh and join the war effort. The performance, backed by the new recognition of their deeds in Riston, convinced several adventurers to travel to Takesh.

After the big celebration in the tavern, Thresh convinced the party that it would no longer serve them to remain in the city, as any element of surprise could be lost. The party then traveled into the woods surrounded Tearshy and made their way to the manor.

When they made it to the manor, they discovered that Jacoby was asleep inside the building and that the building itself was decrepit and moldy, falling apart on the broken-down property.

As the party advanced on the manor, they saw a strange reflection inside the fountain nearby the manor. When Clover went to investigate, she was pulled by magic into the pool and arrived inside a cursed nightmare linked to the house and to Clover herself.

As the party, now trapped inside the nightmare, investigated the house they relived pieces of Clover's past. It was soon discovered that the Family of Ul’shen of House Moringil had received Clover when she was a child and had signed a contract with Cobalt of the House of Fallen Leaves. The contract granted Clover immortality and she would remain the age of 7 forever, if she stayed on the 27-acre property. The wardenship of Clover, at this time called Metreece, would be handed down from one head of the household to another, and would also insulate the family from any bad luck that could be happening in the empire.

After over one hundred years on the property, tragedy struck. Doriandre Ul’shen, a murderer, killed his brother and stole Metreece's necklace, believing it held the source of the power that would give him immortality. He then sold Clover to the slave pirate captain La Reine.

Clover discovered that Doriandre was trapped in the nightmare realm, immortal, but cursed to suffer any wounds that he received, and his body continued to age while he remained immortal. Clover ripped the necklace off his body, ending the curse, and he died screaming as the accumulated age and injuries inflicted themselves on him all at once.

Expelled from the cursed nightmare, Alston burned down the Manor as the party made their way back to Tearshy. They confronted the elf that had hired Jacoby, a wizard by the name of Ilskandre. Clover questioned him about his motives and why he tried to hunt her down.

Ilskandre revealed that he had been hired by the House of Fallen Leaves to retrieve the Queen's daughter and royal heir to the House. The daughter, known in the courts as Ashe Ne’Estalon, had been stolen away hundreds of years ago and presumed dead, until a court Jester proclaimed to find her alive in Garingold a year ago.

The hunt was on to find Clover, but there are two parties interested in Clover. The Queen wants her back, but another party wants her to stay out of the courts. Ilskandre reveals that he knew about the curse, and that he wanted to see what it would do for Clover and hoped it would spark something in her. He said that he is unsure which party to trust, but when Clover is ready, he will take her to the House of Fallen Leaves. He will be staying in Tearshy for one year, and then his contract is over.

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