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Scroll I - The Hawks Hallow Cycle

As recorded by Scribe Delrus from a song by Lordaelyn, Tertius 6th , Durhalm, year 943, 7th age.

These events take place during Khovrah, year 896, 7th age.

This scroll details the first meeting of several of the companions, as they are referred to by the general populace in later years.

These details the first adventures of Karath of Goldhallow, a Dragonborn paladin of Justice, who had been dispatched by his Priory of The Ancient Reborn to investigate the missing mage Mortanion on behalf of King Lysander III of Valishdal.

Accompanying him from the Priory is Lordaelyn Penrose, a wandering bard who had wintered at the Priory and who had asked the leaders of the order to travel with a warrior of the priory on a quest.

On their way to Hawks Hallow the two adventurers hire a riverboat for a faster travel. On the boat is two more curious individuals bound to intertwine their destiny’s together with The Companions. These are Atmat Duskflame, scion of house Duskflame of Azhem, a noble born Tiefling and Clover, a young elf just coming into her new druidic powers. After becoming fast friends, the pair decide to help Karath on his quest to discover the missing mage.

The Companions arrive in Hawks Hallow on a rainy spring day. Hawks Hallow is a small hamlet on a spur of the River Ilsh-Nohmenlader. The people are content to farm for the kingdom of Valishdal and live a peaceful existence. The Hetman of the village is only too happy to get them

set up in lodgings at the only Inn in town, the Oakenstaff, run by Haggen the dwarf and his wife and 3 children. The Hetman explains that Mortanion had last been seen in the village 6 months prior and had spent most of his time in his wizard’s tower.

The Companions also meet a young mage by the name of Floki, an enigmatic wizard from the Far West, who is travelling thru the kingdom in search of gold and fame. He decides to join The Companions in order to learn more magical mysteries that might be hidden in the tower.

The Companions set out to the wizards’ tower and quickly discover that there is no sign of the mage Mortanion, but there are many kobolds that have moved into his tower, and with them they have brought their idol, a young white dragon. The Companions defeat the dragon, scattering the surviving kobolds and learning that Mortanion had accidentally trapped himself in another dimension. Now knowing the fate of the mad mage, The Companions decide to head the capitol of Valishdal to let King Lysander 3rd what befell his court mage.

Before they can continue their journey The Companions stumble across another secret. The Hetman of Hawks Hallow has been trading the goods of the Kingdom to goblins that hid in the hills in order to protect his hamlet. Unable to let good people labor under evil, The Companions set off into the woods to remove the goblin threat!

By performing a powerful magical illusion, Floki scares the goblins into leaving. The goblins quickly pack up and leave the hamlet of Hawks Hallow behind. While the Companions are packing up the belongings of the hamlet to return it to the good people, they discover yet another strange twist! The goblins weren’t working alone! In fact, the goblins were under control of a powerful Dragonborn army that was camping in the nearby hills, and all the goods the goblins were procuring was going to feed this Dragonborn army.

With cunning and stealth, The Companions sneak into the camp of the Dragonborn army. They learn that the army is being led by a Cleric of the evil Dragon Tearshaard whose name was Asherak. Even worse, Karath learns that his broodbrother Karahl is a part of the army. The Dragonborn army has been spending the past several months unearthing an ancient Temple to the gods of Justice. They are looking for the eggs of an Ancient Platinum dragon and have plans to perform a powerful ritual. The Companions stop the ritual before its completed, killing the Priest Asherak, but not before evil energies are summoned from the nether realms, corrupting the eggs.

Having stopped the evil plans of the Dragonborn army, they retreat into the mountains, leaving The Companions with their prize. The Companions make their way back to the Oakenstaff for one final drink before setting off to the Capitol of Takesh.

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