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Scroll X - The Fall of the Republic

Recorded by Scribe Branderwhyn of Akar, 5 th of Tertius, Durhalm, year 912, 7 th age, from personal accounts of Emperor Erkain of High Callan
These events took place from 2 nd of Tertius, Behimbayon, tothe 6 th of Tertius, Behimbayon, year 897, 7 th age

The Greyslayers, after arriving at Rook Roc, quickly left via teleportation circle to the city of High Callan, in the republic of Akar. Currently the seats of power for the republic was in High Callan, and the two parties, lead by Lord Erkain and Lord Hestious, were in opposition on sending Legions north to aid Valishdal in their war efforts.

Many records were lost and there is much speculation on the actions of the Greyslayers after their arrival in Akar. What has been pieced together will be entered the scrolls as a testament to there power as only after 4 days a second nation was sent a tumble from their efforts.

Lord Erkain heard about the Greyslayers shortly after their arrival from his numerous contacts. The Lordship wanted his party to agree to help Valishdal, but several other lords and constituents viewed it as a matter of two other nations and did not want to spend the resources or endanger the lives of Akar citizens in a war that they had nothing to do with.

Lord Erkain also knew about the reputations of the Greyslayers as a force to be reckoned with. His hope was that the Greyslayers could assist one of his Lords with a personal matter. In doing so, the lord would owe him, and the Greyslayers, a favor. By repaying his debt he could help win the necessary votes to march the Legions north into Valishdal.

Lord Erkain had dinner with the Greyslayers on the second day that they were in the city and revealed his plans to them. The Greyslayers agreed to assist and left him shortly thereafter.

It should be noted here that the next section of the Greyslayers tale is mostly speculation and hearsay, added here as context, but much cannot be validated.

It appears as if the Greyslayers met with Lord Behlmbah and his Cousin, Lord Steyhr. Shortly after talking to the lords they made contact with the criminal underground, specifically the Shatterlock Gang, which had a small foothold in Akar and was losing ground daily to the uprising of the Yazghou.

After contacting the Shatterlock Gang, the headquarters of The Dealer, one of the two leaders of the Yazghou in the city, was broken into. One man committed suicide rather than face the Greyslayers (although there are stories that this bookkeeper was a bit odd and had certain unmentionable sexual deviations) and several others were killed by the crazed barbarian named Mr. Hand.

Later that evening the expensive and illustrious Inn the Silver Swan that the Greyslayers had taken up residence in was burned to the ground, with several witnesses saying that the Yazghou were to blame for this tragedy.

In retaliation the Greyslayers burned down the Yangzhou’s headquarters, killing The Dealer in the process, and also greatly reducing The Blackhearts numbers as they swarmed to help defend their fallen Yazghou compatriot.

Once all the killings were done, the Greyslayers again met with Lord Erkain in the early morning hours. They had delivered several books of great worth to the Lord and had come to him to explain what was in them.

The Greyslayers had procured the illicit dealings of the Yazghou. Inside the books were several Lords of both houses doing illegal and underhanded dealings with the criminal underworld. Only a few lords, it seemed, had not stooped so low as to become a criminal, and one of these was Lord Erkain.

Erkain knew that if these allegations were brought to light that the whole Republic would become embroiled in a bitter feud and no new legislation could be passed. In his gratefulness to the Greyslayers for bringing to light such corruption, he wrote two missives to Legions stationed at the border of Akar and Valishdal, commanding them to march forth to Valishdal aid.

With the letters securely in their possession, the Greyslayers left High Callan, racing towards Valishdal and the war.

It is said that those four days brought on the tumultuous years to follow in High Callan, eventually seeing Lord Erkain anointed as Erkain the First, Emperor of Akar.

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