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Scroll I - A Destiny In Flames

Recorded by Scribe Merryweather in Ekaris year 973, 7 th age. This is believed to be the first tale of the Oathsworn that is closest to accurate history as can be surmised. Many of these depictions are from second or thirdhand accounts and the Oathsworn stay firmly within the Tales section of the Library. There are several accounts of the forming of the Oathsworn, though it appears this Tale is the closest to historically accurate. For additional accounts of the formation of the Oathsworn, investigate the Myths section of the Library.

These events are believed to have taken place in Shadrun in the year 895, 7th age. This would line up with the fire reported in that year, and many of the descriptions of the people involved match the Oathsworn.

The scroll details the events that transpired when the Oathsworn first arrived on the Continent of Ekandor. It is said that all three arrived by ship from a different continent and departed onto the docks of Green Gurlain, a small fishing town on the coast of Averyness, three days East of the what was then the Capital of Averyness.

The Oathsworn at this time comprised of three individuals: Nikoneus, a human bard of the college of Valor, Suweshan, an elven man of pale features and being toyed with by a dark elder god of madness, and Thokk, a half-orc warrior fresh from the battlefields of a distant land.

Upon arriving in Green Gurlain, the party went to the local tavern known as the Gull to drink what few remaining coppers they had amongst themselves. While there, a well-dressed man entered the tavern. The man was a local merchant, owner of several merchant vessels and a warehouse by the docks of the town. He explained that he was having problems with a gang, especially a man by the name of Brutuus, who was extorting the merchant for money. If the party could relieve him of this problem, he would pay the party the extortion payment for their troubles.

Being broke and looking for work, the party accepted and went hunting for Brutuus. Along the way they were sidetracked by a man named Smitty, a local miller whose mill had been overrun by goblins and his grain was being eaten. Smitty said he would tell them all about Brutuus if they could help him at the mill.

The party fought valiantly against the goblins, clearing out the beginning of a goblin nest and restoring the rightful owner of the mill to Smitty. Smitty then told the party where Brutuus could be found, and what his gang members dressed like.

The party followed a gang member back to the hideout of the Strongarm gang. It is here that they made the decision to wait out their prey, for they had heard that every night ale was delivered, along with drugs and women of the night. The ensuing party at the hideout lasted until late into the evening before everyone inside the hideout was passed out.

Nikoneus then used his magic to disguise himself, sneaking quietly up to the house. He quickly lite several torches and tossed them into the building. Sneaking back to the abandoned house across the street the Oathsworn watched and waited for any of the Strongarm’s to try and escape.

The Oathsworn had misjudged just how dry and rotted the hideout was as it quickly burst into flame. Furthermore, they had misjudged the portion of the city that they were in as the slums themselves also became a light, with fire racing through the streets. By dawn, the slums were all on fire. By midmorning, half the town was burning. It took a concentrated effort by the town to control the blaze. By that evening there was nothing left but smoke and ash of half the town and many had perished in the blaze, including all the Strongarm gang.

Although successful, the party decided that staying in Green Gurlain was no longer of benefit and they took the offer of the merchant to travel on one of his ships to a port farther down the coast.

It should be noted here that several Scribes believe that all the death and chaos that the Oathsworn created while in this town is probably the reason, they attracted the attentions of Infernal beings in the first place.

It is also believed that one the Hunters was created that day. Several witnesses saw something like a black shadow rise from the ashes of the flames and take off through the city. It left Green Gurlain and seemed to fly out over the ocean, following in the wake of the Oathsworn.

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