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A Conversation with a Demon of Knowledge

Summoned by Atmat Duskflame This year of 901, 7th age

It is well that you choose to speak to me young one, well that you learn your history. Not many Tieflings have the power to reach out to one such as I and fewer still have the iron will to direct such questions.

As you know, demons are bound not to lie and so the words I speak are truth. You asked about the origins of your House, but to fully answer that question we must look even further into the mists of history.

Your scholars and historians will tell you of the Second Age, the age of the Gods. They speak of the great majesty that the gods granted mortals and the plane of existence. Bhah! You were slaves! As well as I! We all were slaves under the Gods, though the shackles were sweetly scented and tasted of honeyed wine.

For one such as I, it is recalled as a distant memory, a dream.A nightmare. I led hosts of Angels into the dark, storming against the raging Abyss, fighting to keep existence itself in place against the Maelstrom. I did it with a heart filled with pure and unadulterated love for the people of the realms. I did it with faith that my efforts would be rewarded!

The Archon saw through the God's decrees as nothing more than a death sentence, although one long to fulfill. Our battles would be never ending.

Hmm? Sorry, I am ruminating over old wounds. Yes, to the point. The Gates of Heavens and the Hells were not closed by your Godslayer as the preachers pronounce, but by the angels and demons themselves! We had to! Your Godslayer was killing us all indiscriminately!

We few surviving Lords came together on neutral ground and made a pact, one we still adhere to. We closed the gates and sealed our kingdoms, except for the souls of mortals, and the ones we entrusted to call on our aid.

We did not slay the Godslayer ourselves. No, we left that to the mortals. You spawned such insanity, you had to deal with it!

(The demon sits quietly for a long time here, staring off into the distance. I eventually coughed. He seemed startled that I was still in the room)

Yes? What do you want? Oh, right, your family. Fine, where was I? The closing of the Gates? Oh yes, what trying times…

After the gates were sealed the Tiefling mortals were left upon the Prime Plane. The warmasters, generals and priests knew the sacred rites to call the demons from the Hells. They used that power to help solidify their rule over your lot and to survive the dark and ice filled days that followed the Second Age.

Even then we had cheats, demons that would stretch the bounds of the sacred rites. Some of the mortals had…hmm, loose…orders when it came to the demons, allowing them to act out their vengeance against the mortals that had set the Godslayer against them.

Eneket saw this as a breaking of the vows. She still had a soft spot for you mortals it seems. Can’t understand why myself, you all are here and gone in a blink of the eye. More like sparks than true flames that dance like the souls of the angels, yes? She was bound by a different set of laws, ones that would allow her entrance to the mortal realm. She would come as she pleased and hunt down the stray demons that plagued the mortal realm. She would even hunt the angels that also broke the rules. It happened on both sides. More of a guideline, these rules, than something iron bound. She made sure both sides played fair, yes? Eventually this was noticed by the mortals. At first fear, then reverence for her coming as more mortals were saved by demons of lust or war or vanity. Soon this reverence became a cult. Her power grew, swelling with it. She made the hellhounds and they too hunted demons.

The House Eneket was born as one of the strongest Tiefling Houses, buoyed up by the faith and reverence of you mortals. So it was for thousands of years. Until the Betrayal of course, where she was locked in chains, along with the rest of us, hehehe…

Hmm? You wish to know of the Betrayal? Well, that would be a trifle for me to tell, yes…I would just need a soul or two. Perhaps one of your servants?

Wait, we could work something else out! I can sweeten the deal! I know the face of your moth…

(at this point I had completed cancelling the spell and sending him back to the Hells.)

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