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Scroll IX - A Convergence of Threads

Recorded by Scribe Arryns, with assistance by neonate Devinious on 3 rd of Secundus, Ghorkar, year 1,038, 7th age.
These events take place during the last weeks of Shadrun until the 1st of Primus, Behimbayon year 897, 7th age.

The Greyslayers received a missive from The King and Queen of Valishdal while staying in Tearshy. The missive asked for the assistance of the Greyslayers once again as the shadow of war began to stir from Dar’Amkul. The Kingdoms new spymaster put together a list of possible allies’ in the coming war and asked that the Greyslayers look to gain these allies to either add political pressure to Dar’Amkul or to bring additional troops to the coming battles.

One of the recommendations was to travel to Vain’Estra, to help cement allies and possibly gain battle mages in the coming conflicts. It is well known that Vain’Estra itself is a neutral territory, but the ability to hire battle mages from the college has convinced nations on more that one instance to have a peaceable solution instead of armed conflict.

The Greyslayers were invited to a ball and dinner by one of the headmasters of the college, a Master Vaershezbain O’Az’Kishkoshkin. The Greyslayers set out, teleporting to Rook Rock before booking passage on a Roc to fly to Vain’Estra.

It should be noted here that for many years there was a large gap in the histories of the Greyslayers. Records from Vain’Estra are notoriously hard to come by and many records from Rook Rock were lost during the invasion by the forces of Shadow. It was extremely lucky that the records were discovered as a collection of personal belongings from one of the Masters of the college that had moved away from Vain’Estra and subsequently passed away in a tiny village in Dar’Alora.

When the Greyslayers arrived in the city of Vain’Estra they were greeted by Master Inar, a student of Master Vaershezbain and the head of the 5th age archives and study in the University. After arriving they were brought to a meeting with Master Vaershezbain who explained that the dinner was a way for the masters of the college to decide on which countries would get the ability to hire out the colleges famed battle mages and it also a time for the Greyslayers to help form allies from many disparate nations.

Over the course of the week the Greyslayers met with several nations and heads of many organizations from several countries and nationalities. The records are a little sketchy or fantastical in several places. Below are the highlights of activities said to have happened during there stay, but it should be stated that some of these records should be taken with a grain of salt.

-The Greyslayers invented Wall clinging by teaching Dwarfs from Belrum how to be tossed and stick to walls. This is highly doubtful as proper wall clinging gear was not invented until 20 years after this event.

-Thresh fought Brighspear Sitamun in the public park, ending in a draw. Conversely, there are stories where Thresh rose high into the air and slammed the Brighspear into the ground, winning the duel. There are also stories of the Brighspear breaking Thresh’s arm, winning the duel. There is enough evidence to conclude that a duel did take place, but not enough for a certain outcome to become evident.

-Thresh was invited to and subsequently had relations with the Brighspear. This has been confirmed in multiple witness statements. How this affected the coming war can only be speculated at.

-The Greyslayers met with Master Inar and High Engineer Endurestan of the Engineers of Voldun. During this time the Greyslayers entered into some sort of agreement with the Engineers. It is uncertain how much information was shared at this time, but it does appear to at least become the initial sparking point of a fruitful relationship with the Engineers.

-The Greyslayers met with Ramalia of the Conclave of Eskardia. It appears as if they were able to gain her support as there were several missives from Ramalia to her counterpart Xanatharious in Dar’Amkul, and his subsequent push for peace did not happen until after the Greyslayers meeting with her in Vain’Estra.

-Several trade negotiations were put into place with Belrum and Eastbank.

-Tenzijen entered her owl into a contest during the last day of Shadrun during the beginning of the Owl celebrations. Manzanita won the contest handily.

-Karath encountered his brother Karahl, leader of the Black Scales, a mercenary company. During there repeated encounters Karahl seemed to present the more measured approach to the onlooking crowd.

At the end of the celebration the Greyslayers were able to convince multiple parties to look for peace. Unfortunately, they were unable to sway the Heads of the University to allow them the hiring of battlemages, but they were able to convince the University to truly become neutral in the coming conflict. The ruling council decided that no battlemages could be hired from the school from either party, or from any nation or group that are to take part in the coming conflict.

Their mission to Vain’Estra concluded the Greyslayers signed on for a passage on a Roc back to Rook Rock and left the college in peace.

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