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thresh_tenzijen_emilys.jpgFull Name: Thresh

Race: Half Orc

Class: Fighter

Age: Dunno, 20s?

Home: Dead Worm

Physical Description: 6'11, 320lbs, mottle skin in blues and purples, ice blue eyes, Long, high ponytail with shaved sides, no beard, wearing chainmail

Organizations and Alliances: The Companions, The Grey Slayers, Heroes of Valishdal

Enemies: Dead.

Personality: Likes to rush in. Brave.


A half-orc warrior that bonded well with Tenzijen in the nightmare of the Great Grey worm

After The War

With the help of Alston and the owner of Hogs 'N Waffles, Thresh has opened a distillery near the capital of Valishdal called Slayer's Ales.

Ten Shack - Northern style wheat beer. Surprisingly hopped, with an earthy backbone. 7.2%

Bay Knot - Coastal themed lager, brewed with refreshing citrus and rum spices. 6.5%

Dark Ritual - Double IPA, balanced but strong, with spruce and hemlock tips. 9.1%

Sanguine Tiefling - Full-bodied ale, smooth and mellow, with an emphasis on malts and a hint of drakeweed. 7.8%

Arrogant Gnome - Mead. Rich and sweet, with a light amber color. Serve ice cold, suitable for desserts.

Demon Glass - A volatile mixture that changes based on the phases of the three moons. It is at times bitter or sweet, smooth or aggressive, hoppy or bland. Is it backwash or top shelf spirits? Who knows? 4.2% to 22%

Grey Wastes - Burns like fire. And not the good kind. For professionals only.

The Companions

One of the original Slayers, Met Clover and Dusky in the worm and, along with Jurran, Dadan and Tenzijen, helped destroy the worm.

He stayed behind in Dead Worm when Dusky and Clover moved on.

They helped save the princess, now Queen Aeliona, and King Lysander III with the help of Alston, Dusky, Clover, Tenzijen and Glimmer

Significant Relationships

  • Tenzijen - adventurer
  • Jurran - NPC Prisoner of the worm
  • Dadan - adventurer
  • Clover - adventurer
  • Dusky - adventurer
  • Alston - adventurer
  • Glimmer - adventurer


  • Ilshandre
  • Dead Worm
  • Valishdal

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