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Tenzijen (Ascended into Godhood)

thresh_tenzijen_emilys.jpgFull Name: Tenzijen

Race: Dwarf

Class: Ranger, Unearthed Arcana

Age: 80

Home: Dead Worm.

Physical Description: 4'6, 230lbs. Brown Eyes,long brown hair with knick knacks tied in.

Organizations and Alliances: The Companions, Grey Slayers, Heroes of Valishdal


Personality: 80 years old, Blacksmith, Brewer, has a Red Owl Companion named Mozineeta.


A mountain Dwarf Guildsman who for years had hammered at the forge had been trapped within the depths of the Great Grey Worm for years. During this isolation Tenzijen began to reconnect with the natural world and rediscover the spirits of nature and takes on the role of Ranger.

Their companion in the Worm is Thresh, a half-orc warrior that bonded well with Tenzijen in the nightmare of the Worm.

The Companions

One of the original Slayers, Met Clover and Dusky in the worm and, along with Jurran, Dadan and Thresh, helped destroy the worm.

They stayed behind in Dead Worm when Dusky and Clover moved on.

They helped save the princess, now Queen Aeliona, and King Lysander III with the help of Alston, Clover, Dusky, Glimmer and Thresh

Significant Relationships

  • Thresh - adventurer
  • Jurran - NPC prisoner of the worm
  • Dadan - adventurer
  • Clover - adventurer
  • Dusky - adventurer
  • Alston - adventurer
  • Glimmer - adventurer
  • Mr. Rasmussen?


  • Ilshandre
  • Dead Worm
  • Valishdal

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