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Karath (Retired)

Full Name: Karath

Race: Dragonborn

Class: Paladin

Age: late Teens

Home: GoldHallow, Lyrinn.

Physical Description: Dragonborn, buff.

Organizations and Alliances: The Companions, The Butchers of Izeh, Heroes of Valishdal

Enemies: Prince Hafadi of Dar'Amkul

Personality: Drunk, Brave, Lawful good.


Karath is a Dragonborn Paladin who was raised in GoldHollow. He serves the platinum dragon. His nestmate, Karal, serves Tiamat, and actively works against Karath's efforts for Bahamat

The Companions

Karath meets with old friend Lordaelyn Penrose on the way to check in with his order in Takesh. Along with Clover and Atmat Duskflame After being waylaid, they stumble across the lost priory of the platinum dragon, which holds many relics.

On an escort mission to Izeh, they liberate the city from a blue dragon that is using the poor people as a power source for his Utopia.

After the dragon, they end up on the fated Grand Kestral, which goes down in the wyldstorm and is eaten by the Grey Worm. They kill the worm, save the survivors and end up in Rook Rock. Exploring the surrounding areas and helping some citizens, they end up on an escort mission to Terandeal, via Garingold.

He spent a year training and doing paladin stuff until being declared a traitor and sent to prison, alongside Dally. They spent two weeks in solitary while Dusky, Clover, Glimmer, Alston, Tenzijen and Thresh cleared their names.

Significant Relationships

  • Clover - adventurer
  • Dusky - adventurer
  • Dally - adventurer
  • Karal - Brother, Traitor


  • Goldhollow, Lyrinn
  • Hocks Hollow, Valishdal
  • Takesh, Valishdal
  • Izeh, Dar'Amkul

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