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Full Name: Atmat Duskflame of House Iniket

Race: Tiefling

Class: Warlock, Pact of the Chain

Age: late 20s

Home: Azhim

Physical Description: He has dark gray skin, glowing orange eyes, a bushy wolf-styled tail and 4“ goat horns. He always has a drake weed tobacco cigarette hanging from his face, wears fancy green and gold silk clothes.

Organizations and Alliances: House Iniket, The Companions, the Grey Slayers, Heroes of Valishdal, Butchers of Izeh, King's Coin.

Enemies: Dar'Amkul

Personality: He's a little tightly wound., but he smokes a lot of drakeweed. He doesn't find many things funny and gets very fussy about grime.


Noble from Azhim, he is outcast among his people for an unknown reason. His grandma is tied up with chains, deep in 9 hells. He keeps making deals with demons to get more info/get her freed.

The Companions

On a standard political mission, he joined Karath, Dally and Clover on their quick expedition to the Lost Priory. After befriending them he decided to stick around with them, accompanying them to Takesh.

He assisted in the freeing the slaves of Izeh, also with Clover, Karath and Dally. Gaining them the title Butchers of Izeh.

He was part of the group that killed the great grey worm with Clover, Tenzijen and Thresh. Gaining them the title Grey Slayers

He helped save the princess, now Queen Aeliona, and King Lysander III with the help of Clover, Thresh, Tenzijen, Glimmer and Alston

Significant Relationships

  • Grandma Iniket, the original hell hound
  • Clover - adventurer
  • Karath - adventurer
  • Duksy - adventurer
  • Dadan - adventurer
  • Lindal - adventurer
  • Sureena - adventurer
  • Jurren - NPC Prisoner of the Worm
  • Lurien Schmalt - Main player in The Kings Coin
  • Glimmer - adventurer
  • Alston - adventurer
  • Tenzijen - adventurer
  • Thresh - adventurer
  • Sejai -Dragonborn BF/NPC
  • Ima - GF/NPC


  • Azhim
  • Valishdal
  • Dar'Amkul
  • Ilshandre

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