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Lordaelyn (Dally) Penrose (Retired)

Full Name: Lordaely “Dally” Penrose

House: House Daeydrove

Race: Half Elf

Class: Bard, Lore

Age: 27

Home: Born In Adimore, Always has a home at Silverstrand, does most of her downtime in Gallanoer with her Elven family

Physical Description: 5'7, Long brown hair with colored tips, kept tidy, usually in the latest fashion in major cities, edgey makeup - uses a lot of weird stuff to try new techniques. 140lbs, teal eyes, pale skin,large scar across her right eyebrow

Organizations and Alliances: The Companions, Grey Slayers, Heroes of Valishdal, Elves of Gallanoer, Rosedale Penroses, Valishdal Royalty

Enemies: Prince Hafadi of Azhim, Karahl of Gold Hallow

Personality: Brave, Sad, Smart, Keen Business woman. She has a soft spot for orphans and often seeks out the netrwoks of orphans and working kids in new cities.


Her mother was from a wealthy flower family in Rosedale who fell in love with the son of the Honey Baronny of Gallanoer. Due to conflict from their families, the couple moved to Adimore, where mixed-race couples weren't a huge deal. They bought a small shop in the city and a farm on the edges, where they grew herbs and honeys and sold them in their store. Both parents died during the fall of Adimore, but were able to get the kids out to the farm.

Dally spent a couple years busking and scrounging enough to pay for both girls to stay off the streets. One day an old Deva named Melosius came across her and was immediately charmed. He and his girlfriend, Ruvog, took both girls in and paid for Dally to go to a bard school in LockHarth for training. Between her training, she stayed at Melosius and Ruvog's place in Silverstrand, and performed for all kinds of rich and powerful people.

She decided to seek out their family and found that her mom's family were jerks that immediately tried to marry the girls off for business. When she went to Gallanoer to seek out her elven family, something clicked. She spent several years becoming engrossed in the Honey Business. Ladella married an elven noble and then Dally felt comfortable striking out further on some adventures to find more prospects for the honey business.

After The War

Named Greyslayers:

Dally is now known as a named member of the famous Greyslayers. In cities that she has travelled in she will be recognized as such and treated either with respect or scorn depending on the local flavor. In cities she hasn’t visited yet there is a strong chance that the local crowd will recognize you on description alone. This grants advantage on social checks in cities where the Greyslayers are liked, and disadvantage on cities that they are not liked.

In far off lands or smaller towns, there is name recognition if Dally drops the name Greyslayers. If announced, you can receive the benefit or disadvantage depending on the local town

Rich: ====

In Adimore, Gallanoer, and the city of Takesh, Dally may live as if she is at the Wealthy lifestyle, without the daily cost of living this usually incurs.

The Companions

She met and befriended Karath at one of the many parties that Melosius threw. She ran into Karath when she was tracking down some business related relics. Stayed at his priory over the winter until the king sent him on a quest and she decided to tag along.

She met Clover and Dusky on a barge that broke down in Hocks Hollow, where they uncovered the plot to corrupt The ancient Dragon's eggs. They traveled back to Takesh where they helped the king end the famine and plagues. He then sent them all on an escort mission to trade goods in exchange for gems and money to help with plague recovery.

After the fight with Prelate Ossum, Dally and Karath split ways with Clover and Dusky, choosing the direct route back home with their merchants and goods.

In the downtime while they awaited Clover and Dusky's return, She spent a few months in a small settlement in the Underdark accessed through Grandbluff Badlands. During this time she learned Undercommon and picked up a Dance & drums routine that she brought back to Takesh. She also spent several months back home in Gallanoer, Learning the tools of the trade, including the secret to Daeydrove Meade, and cultivation methods the family uses in their Honey process.

She spent the rest of the time on small adventures with Karath, tracking the movement of his brother Karahl and drinking/studying until being declared a traitor to the crown and sent to prison, alongside Karath. They spent two weeks in solitary while Dusky, Clover, Glimmer, Alston, Tenzijen and Thresh cleared their names.

Significant Relationships

  • Sir Blackmoore, Husband
  • Clementine Penrose-Blackmoore, Daughter
  • Clementine Penrose - Mother, Deceased
  • Daevan - Father, Deceased
  • Ladella - Sister
  • Elaryus - Brother in law
  • Melosius - Patron
  • Ruvog - Patron's GF
  • Milil - Ex Lover, Exarch/demi god
  • Clover - Adventurer
  • Dusky - Adventurer
  • Karath - Adventurer
  • Tenzijen - Adventurer
  • Thresh - Adventurer
  • Cyranna - Friend from School


  • Adimore
  • Silverstrand
  • Rosedale
  • Chippenfield
  • Gallanoer
  • Loch Largen
  • Hocks Hollow
  • Takesh
  • Great Grey Wastes
  • Rook Rock
  • Ilshandre
  • Dead Worm

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