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Clover / Metreece / Ashe Ne'Estellon

Full Name: Clover/Metreece Ulshen of House Moringil/ Ashe Ne'Estellon of House of the Fallen Leaves

House: Head of House Moringil, Heir to House of the Fallen Leaves

Race: Wood Elf

Class: Druid, Circle of the Shepherd

Age: 181ish. Actually closer to 300, but remained 7 for about 100 years with no memory of it.

Home: Eidoleen both Paradise and Newshy. Ulshen Manor outside of Tearshy, Ilshandre. Court of the Fallen Leaves

Physical Description: Unkempt, wavy red hair flows down her back. Bright Green eyes, light speckling of muddy green freckles and a heart of gold. Wears delicately designed, studded, green leather armor, wields a magic, jewel-encrusted scimitar and a large turtle shell as a shield.

Family: Born to the Ne'Estellons of House of Fallen Leaves, to King Meterranon and Queen Zultanya Ne'Estellon. Firstborn of twins, Ashe and Cindre. There was an older brother, but he died several hundred years before the twins were born.

Adopted by the Ulshens of House Moringil for several decades, cursed to remain a 7 year old girl with no concept of time or how it was flowing. Samwain Ulshen signed the original contract, taking wardenship of “Metreece” in exchange for fortune and good political favor. Metreece was tied to the property, if she left, the family would lose everything. Wardenship passed to Samwain's eldest, Ulriss. Ulriss and his wife Anya took care of Metreece until their eldest, Marisol married a young man named Derek. Derek and Marisol then took wardenship of Metreece. Marisol gave birth to twins, Doriandre and Milken. Marisol had the foresight to push for Milken to become the Warden, and he did. But Doriandre was cruel and cunning, and he found out the real secret to the curse - Metreece's locket from House of the Fallen Leaves. He stole the locket, murdered his twin brother and sold Metreece to the slave markets of Tearshy.

Future Pirate Queen, Raddha La Reine bought Clover and raised her as a servant to perform tasks and to show off. Clover, now able to age, grew into an adult and raised the next three generations of La Reines.

Organizations and Alliances: Rightful heir to House of the Fallen Leaves, Sole survivor/benefactor of House Moringil, The Companions/The Grey Slayers, The Butchers of Izeh, Heroes of Valishdal

Enemies: House La Reine, Pirates of Eidoleen, Prince Hafadi of Dar'Amkul

Personality: She's at ease with all races, is a little backwoods and not ashamed of it. Brave and willing to put her life on the line for her friends, which she'd never really had before. She has tremendous empathy for all living creatures and those who suffer. She believes her gifts (healing, mud) are meant to be shared with the world.

List Of Wildshapes and Conjurations


Cobalt of the House of the Fallen Leaves kidnappedbaby Clover away from the fey wild. It is unknown what happened between that time and when she was contracted to the Ulshens of House Moringil.

Around age 7, A contract between Cobalt and Samwain Ulshen was put into place. In return for taking wardenship of the child, Matrisse, their house would prosper. Investments would grow and the house would be fruitful. Samwain married Theresa and they had two sons. Ulriss, the eldest took wardenship when he married a young woman named Anya. Their daughters were Marisol and Theresa. When Marisol married a young man named Derek, Derek took wardenship of the ground.

Their twin boys, Milken and Doriandre were different. Doriandre had all the makings of a young sociopath/serial killer. Marisol and Derek had a conversation about sending him to military school and grooming Milken for the wardenship. After Milken became steward, Doriandre uncovered that Matrisse's secret to eternal life and good fortune was her locket. He stole the locket, murdered his brother so he would have the estate and sold Matrisse into slavery. The deeds of the house state that if there are no ulshen's around to inherit the property that they go to Matrisse.

Sold for 500g by Doriandre Ul'shen of House Moringil to Radha La Reine. Listed as orphaned.

Bought and Raised by Radha La Reine, Pirate Queen of Eidoleen. Spent her first 45 years at sea with the pirates before Radha retired to the southern swamp city of Paradise in South Central Eidoleen. Continued on serving the La Reine's until about AR 786. After dying at the hands of Claude La Reine, she was dumped in the swamps on the edge of Paradise. The mud there healed her and woke her druid powers.

After walking for weeks, she arrived on the edge of Newshy. She set up a small, secluded hut, half-a-days walk into the woods, where she lived in solitude for 3 decades, providing heals and making mud for travelers and adventurers.

Finally Claude La Reine died and she decided to be brave and track down her family. She was pretty sure that she should start in Ilshandre.

After The War

Due to Alston’s stewardship and the banks help the Barony under Clovers control thrives. Her travelling to the land and assisting with rebuilding after the war has made her very popular with the people.

Large sections of your Barony have become a game reserve, with nature trails and an established Ranger unit that helps protect it and keeps it thriving.

House Moringil is reestablished under the banner of House Oringil, to the surprise of your friend Sirian Osmund. Your House had officially been announced as a dead house, so currently the only rights that you have received is the right to own the land where your house was on before it got burned down. This is roughly 100 acres of pristine forests and rolling hills, with no populace located on the land.

As the sole member of House Moringil, your only duties are to give a yearly tithe, to come to the aid of House Oringil if called, and if asked to provide you’re bannermen in times of war. Since you have no bannermen to speak of, House Oringil has pretty much left you alone. Although they were embroiled in a civil war, they did not call your banner to fight. If Clover wished to assist in the war she can, although I take it, she was out of the country for most of the actual fighting. House Oringil has officially abolished slavery from its lands many years ago.

The Emperor of Akar does not ask for any assistance from the Greyslayers as he feels they have done enough and that he paid his debts to you after lending his aid during the Valishdal war. You might see him at special dinners or events in Valishdal, where he is utmost cordial.

Master Inar submits to zone of truth and any questioning that you feel is appropriate. He continually says that he doesn’t remember the events, and that all he wants is to learn how to use the 5 th age technology to help the people of the world. His utmost hope is to use the Chaos Wheel to end the Wyld storms and Wyld lands that exist across the world.

Clover assists Atonement in realigning himself with King Hafadi. Atonement had been missing for over a year from the Gem city, but upon his return he quickly reached out to the Greyslayers and the King. With Clovers help, he made a peace treaty with the King. His city is still considered and independent state, but he is assisting the King in the war. The jewels from Atonements city had greatly helped the King persecute his enemies.

Clover becomes obsessed with finding out more about House of Fallen Leaves. What she learns (or might already have known) is that they are a Fey House, one of four, that rule in the Fey lands. The Fey used to have an easier time accessing the lands of humans and elves, but over the years the pathways between fairy and the Realm have slowly been lost or destroyed. There is only a handful of rumored ways into the land of the Fey, and all of them are jealously guarded.

It is said that the Wyldlands are tears into reality where all things are giving form and function. Nightmares of old escape from these tears, and elementals from the elemental planes find their way into the real world. It is said that a brave wanderer can traverse the veil inside these Wyldlands and come out into the Fey lands. Many have tried, few have ever returned.

It is rumored that there is a temple hidden deep in the forest, in the ruins of Belan Alora. Inside this temple is a ring of white roses. If you are to pluck a rose and whisper the right words to it, you might find the lost entrance into the Fey Realms.

It is said the Jesters, those merry colored individuals, know a hidden path to the land of the Fey. Clover runs across two such Jesters over the years. The first Jester speaks of a hidden path and asks Clover to return with a rare silk cloth later that evening. When Clover does the Jester is gone, and no one remembers seeing him. The second Jester she meets three years later. He smiles, waves at her, then draws a knife and attacks. Clover has no choice but to defend herself and the Jester dies with a smile on his lips. You hear him whisper” My Lady” as he passes.

The stories about the House of Fallen Leaves are mixed. Some are fanciful tales of wonder and delight designed to show off the Fey nature. Others are dark and macabre. It seems the House has a reputation of holding to their bargains but twisting the words into things darker than the person making the deal is hoping for.

Rumors abound about the House that your mother murdered your father while you were still a small child. Another rumor is that your sister murdered you father when she came of age. A third rumor is that your father sacrificed himself to save you. It seems the only story that is the same is that your father is dead.

Some say that your mother mourns his death and that she wants to find you in order to bring you home, to remind her of him. Another rumor is that your mother seeks your death and blames you for the loss of her husband. Yet another rumor is that she seeks you out to remove a curse that has been placed on the House, but it requires a sacrifice. It seems the only story that is the same is that you are being hunted by the House.

Clover is able to move the enchantment to her turtle shield. There is no additional cost associated with this.

These are additional abilities and perks for your character: Perk:

Named Greyslayers:

Clover is now known as a named member of the famous Greyslayers. In cities that she has travelled in she will be recognized as such and treated either with respect or scorn depending on the local flavor. In cities she hasn’t visited yet there is a strong chance that the local crowd will recognize you on description alone. This grants advantage on social checks in cities where the Greyslayers are liked, and disadvantage on cities that they are not liked.

In far off lands or smaller towns, there is name recognition if Clover drops the name Greyslayers. If announced, you can receive the benefit or disadvantage depending on the local town.


Due to your titles and land, your character is now rich. In any major city or Kingdoms capitol, you can live a lifestyle of wealthy without the daily cost usually associated with living that lifestyle. In smaller towns and cities, you can live a comfortable lifestyle without the daily cost usually associated with living that lifestyle.

Head of House Moringil, Baroness of Valishdal:

Due to your titles, while staying in a city in Il’shandre or Valishdal, you may live at a lifestyle of aristocratic without the daily cost usually associated with that lifestyle.

In addition, you will receive a yearly income of 1000gp to be added to your characters gold. This is income above and beyond the living expenses and rebuilding efforts your character has already put forth.

The Dreamcaves:

While exploring your land in Moringil you discovered a small cave, filled with a bubbling spring and strange rainbow-colored crystals. As you sat down to meditate, you became connected with the land once again. Since that time, you have discovered a unique ability.

You may now enter the dreams of any friendly creature, who is asleep, and who does not wish to exclude you from their dreams. While in the dream you leave your body behind, and to any witnesses your character is in a deep slumber.

While in the dream world, you may live thru any dreams that the current creature is having. You may also shape the dream to something pleasant at your wish. You may also, at a thought, travel into any other creatures’ dreams that allow you safe passage. While in the dreaming, you may carry on a conversation with the creature, and upon awakening they will remember everything. Strangely, this ability does not provide you with rest and every time you use it, even for a few minutes, you awake back in your body with one level of exhaustion.

There is no distance to great for this ability and it seems to work safely across the Grey Wastes.

Minor Thief’s Cant:

Spending so much time with the Shatterlock Gang has given you a small benefit. You can understand the Thieves Cant that the Shatterlock use and can see the signs left behind by Shatterlock Gangs in any town or city you visit. It takes you only a few hours in a new city to see if the Shatterlock has a presence there and where to go to contact the local members.

Original receipt for sale to Radha La ReineOriginal receipt for sale to Radha La Reine Sina efalia na a no i shael tae an naur vos Ama Rae zintael vermae tua kura nu imperial sanyr l achine huatua en er Doriandre Ulshan en documa Moringil a er Radha La Reine

huatua naa er echinde sam carad en loske wera arvare ed Doriandre Ulshan endocume Moringil vee Kura ed emperial sanye

huatua ritari a ashinde en curaa emperil raishen

sina efaila ritari a ar chebin vee a emperial sanya

Translated into common:This document, signed on the 23rd of Fyrnights A.R six hundred and forty three, decree under Imperial Law the sale of property of one Doriandre Ul'shen of House Moringil to one Radha La Reine

Said property is one elven girl, red of hair, orphaned and protected by one Doriandre Ul'shen of House Moringil as decreed by Emperial Law

Said property shall be recorded for sale of five hundred gold coins This document shall be recorded and kept pursuant to Imperial Law.

Order for Kidnapping of Clover from JakobyWrit for Kidnapping Clover Dulson,

We found the estate in Tearshy. It is currently owned by House Kippengale, but it looks like it hasnt been in use for ages.

There's more to this than the elf is letting on. We were able to find the sale to this Radha La Reine person, but have been unable to find the original sale to House Moringil. After you get her make sure that she makes it back here. I want to see if she remembers anything about the house.

I don't think that the family knew how valuable she actually is. Anyway, I sent the sales slip that I could find along with your payment. Kid gloves on this one, Dulson, this payday is too big for your mistakes like last time.

Sincerely Jakoby

The Companions

After deciding to track down her parents, she found herself on a barge that broke down in Hocks Hollow. She joined Karath, Dally and Dusky on their quick expedition to the Lost Priory. After befriending them she decided to stick around with them, accompanying them to Takesh.

She assisted in the freeing the slaves of Izeh, also with Dusky, Karath and Dally.

She was part of the group that killed the great grey worm with Dusky, Tenzijen and Thresh. Gaining them the title Grey Slayers

She helped save the princess, now Queen Aeliona, and King Lysander III with the help of Dusky, Thresh, Tenzijen, Glimmer and Alston

Significant Relationships

  • Samwain Ulshen- Adopted caregiver
  • Theresa Ulshen - Adopted Familly
  • Ulriss Ulshen- Adopted caregiver
  • Anya Ulshen - Adopted Familly
  • Marisol Ulshen - Adopted Familly
  • Theresa Ulshen - Adopted Familly
  • Derek Ulshen- Adopted caregiver
  • Milken Ulshen- Adopted caregiver
  • Doriandre Ul'shen - Adopted caregiver
  • Radha La Reine - Owner, Pirate Queen
  • Jean La Reine - Radha's son, love interest
  • Giselle La Reine - Radha's Daughter, Crazy
  • Claude La Reine - Radha's great grandson, Murderer, looked like Jean
  • Dusky - adventurer
  • Dally - adventurer
  • Karath - adventurer
  • Dadan - adventurer
  • Lindal - adventurer
  • Sureena - adventurer
  • Jurren - NPC Prisoner of the Worm
  • Jasper - King's Coin Supplier, supports Garrin, Likes Clover
  • Orlion Tyrallon - Leader of House Tyrallon
  • Thresh - adventurer
  • Tenzijen - adventurer
  • Alston Nomlan - adventurer
  • Glimmer - adventurer


  • Eidoleen
  • Ilshandre
  • Valishdal
  • Dar'Amkul
  • Azhim

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