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Count Alson Nomlan

 Alston NomlanFull Name: Count Alson Nomlan

Race: Gnome

Class: Wizard, Illusionist


Home: Cradel, Gran Rikur

Physical Description: Short, Smug, Blonde.

Organizations and Alliances: Grand Spire Vault, The Companions, Heroes of Valishdal


Personality: Smug, Smart, knows how to get information and how to avoid physical altercations.

Noble gnome, Count Alston Nomlan was taken into a Dragon's House and under her banner. He dilligently worked as an economic advisor and book keeper for the The Grand Spire Vault, a dragon-owned bank. Eventually he was taken on Acquisition Trips with his Half Elf supervisor Lestrana Cardove, treasure hunting for the Vault. He believes in WizBiz and The Greater Good of humanity.


 Omni NomlanAlston has a wife at home; Omni who runs a premiere artisan flower and gift shop in the Noble district of their city. His mother in law, sister in law, three chipmunks, a woodpecker, and a guard badger all live under roof.

The Companions

Joined Grey Slayers Clover and Dusky as they waited on an escort mission from Garingold to Terandeal.

He helped save the princess, now Queen Aeliona, and King Lysander III with the help of Clover, Dusky, Glimmer, Tenzijen and Thresh

Significant Relationships

  • Omni Nomlan- his wife
  • Lestrana Cardove - his superior
  • Ammoat, the Eternal Flame - owner of The Grand Spire
  • Clover - adventurer
  • Dusky - adventurer
  • Glimmer - adventurer
  • Thresh - adventurer
  • Tenzijen - adventurer


  • Gran Rikur
  • Ilshandre
  • Dead Worm
  • Valishdal

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