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(For a list of known Enemies: see BBEGs)

Steward Crosby Hawks Hollow Hetman of Hocks Hollow
Haggen Hawks Hollow Owner of Oakenstaff
Mortanion ??? A Wizard on King Lysander's Court, Missing
King Lysander III Takesh, Valishdal Sitting ruler of Valishdal
Crown Prince Hafadi Mi'kal, Dar'Amkul Sitting ruler of Dar'Amkul
Atonement Gem City of Izeh Tiefling, scholar, Mage, Helped the Companions take down the Prelate. Sitting ruler of Independent Nation of Izeh
Celadin Now Dead Worm guard
Caleb Now Dead Worm guard
Jurran Now Dead Worm monster Hunter
Grumth Now Dead Worm monster Hunter
Devlin Now Dead Worm monster Hunter
Garin Forest between Dead Worm and Rook Rock Magic Man? Well Loved. Sent on some test quests. Communicates with group via Magic Ring
Mrs Puckbottom Rook Rock Hired us to check out why her cows were disappearing.
Mr Harold Puckbottom Rook Rock Selling their cows to a dryad in exchange for sex
Forest dryad Rook Rock Used seeming on old man and had sex, using cows to feed the forest creatures
Mikhail Meade Meadow Garin sent us to deliver a magic ring to him as a test
Headman Meade Meadow Leader of Meade Meadow
Mikhail's wife Meade Meadow Used to work for Garin, let us have the magic ring
Granny Tyrell Meade Meadow magic seller and fortune teller
Sirian Osmund on the King's way helpful, House Oringil, Noble
Witchhunter Sorel Carolyn Creek helpful, not shitty, doesn't abuse power
Tormund Carolyn Creek Priest helpful from Rook Rock, wrote us a provenance letter
Marion Rook Rock owner of Slippery Pig
Marissa Rook Rock trader, the worst. member of The King's Coin
Jasper Garingold trader, member of The King's Coin, made us money, has a thing for Clover
Lurien shmalt Rook Rock member of The King's Coin, likes Dusky
Cyranna Rook Rock minstrel, escorted from Rook Rock to Garingold
Damask Rook Rock helped escort Cyranna to Garingold
Karendiss Garingold Trader, Friend of Jasper, knows something about a Clover doppleganger. Jasper thinks he's from the north
Rake Garingold Yazghou quest giver. Ed - His name is Rake. has a giant scratch scar across his face. Main contact for Lindal
Saelethil Garingold Elven Guard/Scount for House Tyrallon, Sent to escort Cyranna from Garingold to Terandeal
Tephysea Garingold Elven Guard/Scount for House Tyrallon, Sent to escort Cyranna from Garingold to Terandeal
Keeran Osmar ThreeRoads Friend of Garin, works for House Kippingale.
Satheshish Forest outside of Terandeal/forest of kilyn Temple guardian for The Queen with Jeweled Eyes
Orlian Tyrallon Terandeal Elf, Head of House Tyrallon, On Council in Terandeal
Taklin Ironhammer Terandeal Dwarf, Clan Ironhammer. On council in Terandeal
Daruk Terandeal Dragonborn, House Torsk. On council in Terandeal
Keeper Abignale Terandeal Keeper of the Tearsaich had drinks with the companions
Keeper Toovah Terandeal Keeper of the Tearsaich had drinks with the companions
Cobalt Dream Doctor for the House of the Falling Leaves. Responsible for House Moringil adopting Clover
Aeliona Takesh Met her on the way to Takesh, rescued from Orcs, Got her to the church on time
Baron Sochess Takesh Grumpy old fuck, powerful army, was ready to take over power from king when he was on death bed, to protect the kingdom
Seneschal Aeryk Takesh Leader of the Guard for Takesh. Found and helped the group at the manor to get them out and to the Shatterlock Gang
Kruthuk Turiss Takesh Leader of Shatterlock Gang in Takesh, Helped Companions in the Hearthfire Saga.
High Steward Morrin Takesh King's Steward. Not guilty of murder, but kinda dumb.
High Priest Lorellion Takesh Priest of Bahamat/Ancient Dragon, high healing powers.
Mr. Rasmussen —- Demon of considerable power
Rakran Arctos Dar'Amkul Dragonborn merchant lived in Dar’Amkul. assassinated.
Massir the Shadow Known and accomplished Tebaxi thief
The Collector Mentioned in passing, Yazghou in Dar'Amkul
Xanatharius Dar'amkul Of the Conclave of Eskardia
Bakram Assam Dar'Amkul Royal investigator
Brandus Markaos Riston, Azhim Of the Raston and Beherners’s Trading House, usually in Akar, but oversaw works in Port Riston in Azhim.
Atmat Fireloft Father of Dusky, Riston, Azhim
Garen Nezrii From Valishdal Magister of Akar, currently in Takesh to assist Valishdal. Contacted Glimmer
Cassandra Sochess From Valishdal Baron Sochess daughter, leader of the Red Boars, an elite fighting unit in Valishdal's armored knights.
Ernst Blackwater dark temple Found in a cage in the dark temple, killed by Assir Dask
Yasomir Azhim Survivalist and guide, led the party to the Dark Temple. Currently in Riston
Garmund Duloc Explorer. Hired by Raston and Behrners trading house to retrieve an artifact. Killed by lizardmen.
Iskander Tearshy Elf, Knows about Clover's past, hired by Queen Zultanya and another party to find or dispatch of Clvoer
Master Vaershezbain O'Az'Kishkoshkin Vain'Estra Dwarf mage, invited the Greyslayers to the ball on Vain'Estra
Master Inar Airegnz Vain'Estra wizard in Vain'Estra, studies 5th age magic, protege of Master Vaershezbain
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