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(For a list of non-hostile NPCs: see NPCs)

Asherak Lost Priory Cleric of the evil Dragon Tearshaard
Karahl Lost Priory Karath's brother
Prelate Ossum Gem City of Izeh Former leader of Izeh, Blue Dragon
Aldous Now Dead Worm dead - scam artist
Margrave Now Dead Worm dead - priest of the worm
Sam halfrabbit Now Dead Worm dead - priest leader
Sirus Meade Meadow Evil Druid who raised a Gulthias tree
Cinder Dream Lady of the House of the Falling Leaves Looks just like Clover May be evil. Clover has had visions of Cinder murdering her.
Commander McCray Takesh Dickhead, fussy about his blonde hair, we singed it off. He tried to ambush us 2x.
Spymaster Corliss Takesh Working for Shadis, helped with assassination attempt of King Lysander III. Convicted, death by hanging.
Shadis Heard Of Only Mastermind behind the attempted murder of king Lysander III in The Hearthfire Saga.
Priestess Sadiaa of the Golden Chain cult Azhim Leader of cult, trying to buy the Obsidian Box. Tried to kill Dusky for it.
Mazrykul, the Maker of Chains One of the Hells a powerful demon that was hellbent on destroying Eneket and all her spawn.
Assir Dask Azhim Giant white worm found in a dark decaying temple in the jungles of Azhim.
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