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Ruler: King Lysander III

Ruling Family:


Enemies: Kingdom of Dar’Amkul

The Kingdom of Valishdal is ruled by King Lysander III. The Kingdom is generally a prosperous nation but has suffered some hardships in recent years due to a plague that swept thru the nation followed by famine. To combat this a loyal party was sent to the Kingdom of Dar’Amkul to trade and bring back gems that the Kingdom could use to buy provisions.

Although the mission was successful and the people of Valishdal are now being fed, the result was a declaration of war between Dar’Amkul and Valishdal. Currently a small army from Dar’Amkul has made landfall in upper Valishdal and is beginning to raid in outlying farms and towns.

The lands of Valishdal is rolling hills and deep forests. The main river that runs through the land is called Ilsh-Nomanlader and is massive river that from one shore you cannot see the other side.

Major Cities


Capitol, home to King Lysander

Minor Cities

Hawks Hollow

small hamlet on a spur of the River Ilsh-Nohmenlader. The people are content to farm for the kingdom of Valishdal and live a peaceful existence.. See Hawks Hollow Cycle


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Major Houses

Minor Houses

Dead Houses

Organizations and Guilds

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