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The Moons of Rizran


This moon is what most of the realm refers to when talking about “the Moon”. This moon is your typical white/grey orb of cool soft light in the sky.

Elzrahim is on a 30-day cycle, with the full moon always landing on Primus the 1 st of each month waning until the New Moon, which lands on the Tertius the 4th of each month.


This moon is called the Moon of the Seasons, or the Changing Moon. This moon is a deep, dark purple in color and has two sets of rings, one running across the middle of the moon close to the equator and the second ring running at a 30-degree angle off the first ring.

Razrahim is on a 90 day cycle, with each full moon landing both on Primus the 1st of the month, but also landing on the first day of the new season (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) waning until the New Moon, which lands on the Tertius the 4th of the second month in its cycle.

It is noted by scholars that they believe that the moons are in such perfect sync with themselves due to the great powers of the World Engine. There are studies of an Orrery believed to be dated to the 3rd age that shows that moons having a distinctly different cyclical pattern than what is observed in the night sky now.


This moon is mysterious and is called The Shadow Moon. The surface of this moon is covered in thick, black, swirling clouds with almost no distinct colors. This causes the moon to be invisible to the naked eye on most nights, with only the hole in the stars to proclaim where it is in the night sky.

Occasionally lightning storms are visible racing across the clouds in vibrant colors of blue, purple, red and green. These storms make the moon stand out in the night sky and viewers of the moon can witness the immense beauty of the display in the night sky. On very rare occasions the black swirling clouds recede and the surface of the moon becomes visible.

When it does the viewer can see a strange deep blue landscape, with highlights of purple and mountains that are blood red in color.

Malzrahim has no discernible cycle. It is difficult enough to place the moon in the sky, but when witnessed it always appears as full. This seems to belay orreries of the 4th and 5th age, which shows the moon in a unique orbit, or omits the moon entirely.

The Engineers of Voldun posit that this is a clear sign that the World Engine is slowly grinding to a halt, and that if it is not found and repaired soon the entire world will follow suit and crumble into dust.

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