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Ruler: Emperor I’lshandre The Fourth

Ruling Family: House I'lshandre


Enemies: Dar'Amkul

The Empire of Il’shandre is a prosperous country. Originally formed of Elves the Empire has expanded its borders and accepted members of all races into the ruling Houses. The empire is under some internal pressures as House Torsk is moving to try and gain additional territory and power from Houses Tyrallon and Oringil. Additionally, a large horde of Goblins, led by the Hobgoblin war leader Huggek, threatens portions of the Empire. The empire has a mix of topography with several mountainous territories. It has a peace treaty with Venitzia and azhim.

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Major Cities


Garingold is a melting pot, started by the elves, but many races started building and joining in. Run buy House Oringil, known for wine.


Rikar is home to the Witchhunters


Tearshy is the largest port city in the empire. Built by tieflings, is now under rule of the emperor.


Terandeal is an elven city. House Tyrallon is seated here and houses a council.


Vizrand is The Imperial City, where the Emperor lives.

Minor Cities

Carolyn Creek

Carolyn Creek is a small settlement. Close to the Tomb of Voldun, which over the years morphed into “Vordal” and the town has embraced the history and markets to the adventurer looking to fight a beholder.

Dead Worm

Dead Worm is a brand new outpost outside of Rook Rock, Based near the famous Dead Gray Worm on the border of the Great Grey Wastes, Dead Worm is a budding community, lead by Jurren.

Meade Meadow

Meade Meadow is a small settlement near Rook Rock

Rook Rock

Rook Rock is a walled in city, bordering the Great Gray Wastes.


Starkholde Home to some dwarves. Maybe Clan Ironhammer. The dwarves from this area built a beautiful road from the mountains down to Terandeal and then on to ThreeRoads.


ThreeRoads is a small settlement at the junction between Terandeal, Garingold and Rikar. Managed by the the three houses in territory House Tyrallon, House Oringil and House Torsk


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Major Houses

Minor Houses

Dead Houses

Organizations, Guilds & Secret Societies

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